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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 52 La Jutosa

Who made the tamales and what was inside?  We helped this lady make tamales. Inside there’s potato, rice and pork. What was the snakeskin in the fire from?  It wasn’t a snakeskin it was an armadillo shell. This was at the same house we made the tamales you never know what you are going to find. Sometimes we end up playing with turkeys or even one time this week, I was siting there just finished eating and they just handed me a rooster because they wanted it in the tree but they couldn’t lift it up high enough so I put the rooster in a tree to sleep. So was that the meat in the tamales.  No it wasn’t armadillo in the tamales, we made the tamales a couple days earlier on that same fire place.   How long did you steam the tamales?  They did it for like 3 hours on a couple cinderblocks.   You look good as a tamale helper and happy smile.  We ended up crying a lot because the fire was super smoky and we had to stand over it to cook the banana leaves its a miracle that we didn’t light one of our ties on fire.  Is the family that you cooked the tamales with, members of the church? None of them are members, but there about the coolest people we have found here. They live off the land pretty much. The old guy lighting the fire is Tio G. in English, Uncle G. and he is really funny. I think I am going to pay him to make me a small ax because that’s what he does. 

Why did you wear a long sleeve shirt to zone conference?  It was the only clean shirt I had.  I thought you wash your shirts every couple of days, are you running out of good short sleeve shirts.  No i haven t ruined one yet. I sent all of my clothes to get fixed this week so all of the hems are good now and all my pockets on the shirts are on now.  Who did you send them to and how much did that cost to have it all fixed?  50 Limps, one of the members did it for me. 

Did you receive the hymnbooks yet? No I have not received the hymnbooks yet but possibly they will come tomorrow in the RUTA. 

What was the spiritual experience of the week? It was definitely on Tuesday one of the AP’s went with us, it was a very fun experience. We were with Elder J. and we ended up teaching a pastor and it was a very neat lesson. He didn’t want to contend with us, he was very receptive and the spirit was super strong we finished d about half of lesson 1 and wow he had some weird questions but Elder J. answered them perfectly and the man understood everything. He was very educated. We have to go back there soon so it will be interesting to see what we do. The spirit will have to guide us or we will get lost in the lesson with him. He just has a group that he leads and he belongs to a bigger church in Choloma.   How was the pastor’s house?  His house was fairly nice, he gave us tamales and a drink and I liked him. He repairs bakery equipment in a factory.

Where did you go for p day is week? Today we went to Fesitran a place in another zone by ours and we played basketball inside with air conditioning. It was really fun but the Latin’s don’t know how to play so they fouled a lot. Then we went to Pizza hut and I got the Cesar Panini, fruit punch and all you can eat salad, I ate a lot of fruit, which cost a little more but it was worth it. 

How was your week for food? Are you cooking anything at the apartment? We made tamales with one family, and yesterday we made a cake with another family, the cake turned out good. We ate sopa de MONDONGO this week again it’s not even bad I could eat it whenever but I still don’t think I would buy it or make it if I had the chance.  Who cooked the mondongo for you?  Our lunch cook made it.  What other things does she cook for lunch?  She makes rice, beans and meat.  Is there any fresh fruit in season now?  Yes there’s nances, avocadoes and mangos and always bananas.  Do they have pineapples down there?  There’s a lot of pineapples they grow them here. 

Did you bake the birthday cake for Stephanie? Yes my comp wanted to do it because it was his girlfriend’s birthday.   He said he wanted to gain “brownie points”.   He’s crazy, before we could take the picture he had to wash and style his hair. But in the picture there is C. one of the converts, she was super happy and it helped her have some more friends in the church. 

Are any of the investigators progressing? Yes this week we had 2 in church; they are an aunt and niece. If they have a desire to change that will be good for them. They were investigators of some elders earlier on.  Did you have to do anything at church this week?  No I didn’t, but my companion passed the sacrament and the branch president wasn’t there so his son directed the meeting. Is his son a councilor in the bishopric?  No there’s no counselors or presidents for any other priesthood organization in our branch.  Is his son an elder in the priesthood?   How old is he?   He’s a return missionary.

Do you have any baptisms? No there are no baptisms and nobody with a date either but this week that will change. 

How was your health this week? Well I have had a cold all week, it’s not changing much but it shouldn’t last too much longer, it is just super hot humid and dusty outside.  You are looking pretty thin, how is your amoeba?  I can live with an amoeba, my stomach doesn’t hurt any more so its fine.

Is the weather changing to the rainy season soon? It has rained a few times, normally in the nights but when it rains it drops the temperature then after if feels twice as hot because the humidity rises. 

Who's the guy in the picture that's holding the Book of Mormon each of you take a picture with him?  The guy in the picture was a drunk he was in the street and we asked him if we could take a picture and he said yes and then took his small bible out of his pocket. He is funny in the street and he always says Bendiciones to us. 

Is the picture of a Sunday school lesson at your branch?  No we had to show family photo albums it was a branch activity.  So was that a picture of you at your baptism on the table. Exactly that was a picture of me at my baptism. 

Love you all and hope that you will have a good week. Tell Joan that I hope things go good during her surgery and just so you know I finish 1 year next week. Love you all and be safe and send me some more pictures its fun to see what’s going on.

From Elder Olsen

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