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Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 48 La Jutosa

Have you started on any medicine yet? No the nurse has not responded back and I haven’t received any treatment but I don’t feel super sick and I looked the parasite up last week and it doesn’t have any real harm. I have a lot of gas, which is one of the side effects of this ameba.

Did your go to the mountains and get firewood? No we haven’t done it yet I am still trying to talk my comp into doing it. He doesn’t want to have to work super hard in the middle of nowhere. We have been listening to all of the stories of J. and they are extensive. He has had a really hard life.  We decided to ask him about all of the animals that have bitten him or hurt him. He started talking about a viper snake that bit him on the toe when he was like 8, he then went home and he almost died, he went unconscious and well was going to die, when a person passing by told his family a cure for this. This is the curd. They got a duck cut it down the rib cage and put his foot in side and tied the duck on. He said that in like and hour or so he was awake and that the duck had turned purple because of all the venom that it had sucked out of his foot. He survived and almost no one survives this. Boa Constrictors have attacked him and he just talks about them and he loves to play with them. Cows also attacked him and even a sloth hurt him one time and it ripped his toenail off. He acts like all of this is nothing but just to hear it is really cool. We ate with them on Sunday for dinner, they gave us baleadas and they offered us the trachea of cow but I turned the offer down. Well there’s not meat on the trachea but they were eating it. It was just like a rubber tube. It looked nasty and super stretchy when they tried to bite a chunk of it.
pila where we wash our clothes
Companions taking a bath in our pila 

What was your spiritual experience for the week? I think it was on Sunday after we finished the fast. Our investigators invited us to go and eat lunch with them so we said yes.   We went there and ate with them and they said that they had a really rough night and that it had been a hard day. Come to find out, they had been fasting. It was a very spiritual experience, that there are people that go above and beyond because they really want an answer. We teach her and invite her to read. Well she reads and then she writes notes and favorite scriptures on a separate page. We taught her one time this week in the rain, it was hard because we were below a metal roof that was like 7 feet high, so we were really close to it and it was hard to hear. We taught a whole lesson screaming so that they could hear us. It was really funny, we felt like evangelist because they always scream when they do anything. 

Also we watched a few of the churches videos with our investigators and it was impossible to say that the spirit wasn’t present. They were almost all crying and it was neat to see the power of the videos. I hope that some day I will be able to make such powerful videos. 

When are your baptisms scheduled? We have 3 baptism scheduled for this next week C. is 24, M. is 22, W. is 16. They are sisters and cousins and well they have come to church 3 times now and are very participative in all. They love the church and just want an answer a little better from God about baptism but they are on track to be baptized this week. The next week we have a few more and the next week a few more. We have 5 investigators with a baptismal dates and 4 or 5 more that will have a date here in a bit. We have one group of sisters that has 4 sisters so that’s almost a family and we are teaching their cousin so we should see progress. We have others with fecha (a date) there name is C. and J. and well they are really nice, they even invited us over for lunch on Sunday.   Are you teaching any boy investigators?  No there are no guys, here its crazy because there all working during the time we are out teaching. 

What are you studying this week? I have been reading in 2nd Nephi and it is interesting just to try and understand all of the things of Isaiah and well sometimes I get bored and yeah, but I will get through it. I think the coolest thing that I found in the scriptures this week was an example in the Book of Mormon of modesty. 

Did you have any new foods this week? I didn’t have anything new but we did eat sopa de MONDONGO and it wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t bad. I had to ask the lunch cook what was in it because there were some huge cartilage fatty things in my soup and she said it comes from the cow foot I didn’t eat those because I was scared to do it, she gave us Nance juice and it was terrible it tasted as my companion likes to say like “Elmer’s glue”. 

Are you getting use to the mattresses yet? Yes I am finally used to the new mattresses and I sleep really well on them now. 

How has the weather been? It has been really hot here and really humid. It rains almost every night for a few minutes and sometimes it like fills all the streets with water and they turn into small rivers. 

What did you do for p-day?  Wow today we went and played soccer in Puerto and we ate at Wendy’s. I got really mad at Wendy’s because they didn’t have change for all of the money we were spending on food. I got mad at the company for a minute like, are you kidding me? I had a 500 limp bill and they didn’t have change. Its not worth Wendy’s time to be there if they don’t have change for 25 dollar’s in the till. So I just used my free burger receipt and that is what I ate. 

When do the kids go to school are the in school now?  Yes they are in school now. Do they get any time off ever?  They get a few weeks off in different season of the year.  The school here is every day of the week, at least for some kids, including Saturday and Sunday. 
Well my time is up, I hope that you will all have a good week and that you will be able to have some fun. I love you all, thanks for everything, I couldn’t do it without you all.


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