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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 51 La Jutosa

How was your week? It was long because there were a lot of conferences and my companion’s birthday. First on Tuesday we have district meeting. Wednesday Zone conference, Friday we ate with a family from San Pedro El Carmen and it was really fun. They bought him a cake, we had tried to plan it behind his back but at the last moment he found out.  You look thrilled in the picture, is that at Pizza Hut?  Yes it’s at Pizza Hut, the nicest sit down restaurant in Choloma. I’m sure that Madi wants a sombrero like this one.

Did you have any baptisms? No we didn’t have any baptisms it is hard because the one family is just confused because of their own traditions and they haven’t received an answer from God. After some more time they will be ready. 

Tell is something funny that happened this week. Well we have been dealing with many members this week, were loosing more and more leadership every week. We talked with our relief society president and she wants to be taken out, also the young men’s president got a job and is working on Sundays sometimes. We have had members this week, when we were talking about them going to the temple, tell us they haven’t gone because they don’t think that drinking coffee is a sin, even if they don’t drink it. And she will admit it causes harm but it’s not a sin. It’s hard because many of the member’s here don’t understand simple logic and they are just not smart with many things. It was frustrating to see that her stubbornness is keeping her from the temple.

What did you do for p-day? Today we hiked to the waterfalls again and we went with some other elders we got there and back in good time and well its something cheap that we could do because we are almost all out of money.   My companion found that crab in a small pool of water.  

How are you feeling? I feel good for the most part. I have some big rashes on my legs and thighs and they burn a lot, they are just getting worse. I am putting some ointment on them that the mission gives us in our first aid kits, we will see if it helps, its not meant for it but it seems to help a little. It’s called NEOBOL.  I think it is a fungus and some from heat.  It has been a very hot week at one time it got to 104 with 100 percent humidity this day we didn’t do to much we spent a lot of time in the little stores buying water and we were wondering what had happened but it was just so hot. In September the weather should start to cool right?   I think and hope so. 

What is your favorite food? My favorite food right now is French fries because that’s what I like to eat. I get a to-go box full of them for 30 limps and it comes with a ton of sauces.  What do you usually eat for breakfast? I almost always eat cereal for breakfast; sometimes I have semitas (These small, sweet loaves have a texture similar to that of Kaiser rolls) and juice it all depends on the day. 

Do you have a favorite scripture right now? I like this scripture 1 Corinthian’s 13:11 which says When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." I found this when I was looking for a scripture for my talk that I gave this Sunday. I gave a good 15-minute talk, and I had less than 1 page of notes.   I’m getting pretty good at talking, but I still don’t like it because I have to dedicate some time to look for some good scriptures.

How is your companionship going?  Our companionship is good.   We went to SPS for the mission conference, where we heard from Russell M Nelson, who was in Tegucigalpa.

Do you know of any elders going to BYU next fall so you could have a roommate that you know?  Or you could go to USU and stay at home.  No BYU sounds better but which dorms are the best? 

Well I am out if time but it has been good to talk with you all and tell Joan hi. Love you all and have a good week. Next week send me a picture of the curbing and the yard I would love to see it.

Love you all. From Elder Olsen

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