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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 50 La Jutosa

What was the spiritual experience of the week? Well it was definitely the baptisms. This week we had 2 baptisms Hna C. who is 27 years old and J. who is14 years old, they are cousins. After C. got baptized she had the opportunity to share her testimony in front of a lot of people, she did a really good job and the spirit was present and all she could do was cry it was a very neat and spiritual experience.

What did you do for p-day and when do you wash your clothes is it only on Monday? Today for p day we came to Omoa and we went to the San Fernando Fortress, and then we went and ate on the beach, I ate fried shrimp and they were good. How long did it take to get to the castle?  Like 2 hours in bus.  Did you take public bus or hire a bus?  We took a public bus; the fare was like 2 dollars.

We wash our clothes whenever there is time. I usually wash garments 3 times a week at night.  How does the water work for your pilla? Well there’s water sometimes and sometimes not. We get water 5 times a week or so. So it just fills up the pilla when it comes and we just carry it in buckets into the house to use in the bathroom. I always shower outside so I don’t have to carry the water.

How are you feeling? I feel good, sometimes I am really tired because things happen in the house and I don’t get time to sleep. Get this, at 4 in the morning an evangelic church has meetings sometimes and they turn up the music all the way.  Are you having any more symptoms from the amoeba?  Not that I know of but who knows.

Have you heard any word about closing the branch? They won’t close the branch for at least another year, but if things turn around they will never close the branch.

Tell us something about you investigators? Well they are almost all family. The baptisms we have scheduled next are 3 sisters and one cousin, they are still waiting for an answer, but when they get it they will definitely be baptized. They came to the baptism of C. and J. and there was also a lady that got baptized that was missing a leg so that was really cool to witness. Are there any boys in this family? There is one brother that is like 10 or 11 but the rest are from 16 to 24 years old.

Tell us something that was funny that happened to you this week? We went fishing and we caught some little fish that we have put in the pila as our pets. They are super small but they should get bigger. We went with poles but our hooks were too big to catch goldfish sized fish, they would bite but we couldn’t get them all the way back to shore. The kid we took with us caught more with just his hands than we did with the poles. Did you go fishing in the river?  Yes we went to the river.
Our Fishing Poles

What do you usually do for family home evening?  We usually go and teach our investigators and if there is extra time we visit some members and get them to do something with us.

When the men go to the mountains to work, what do they do? They plant bananas and they clean up the area in between them, they grow pineapples, beans and all sorts of other things they just spray chemicals and clean up the property with machete.

Do you have any more questions? If not I am going to end because my finger hurts from typing.  These computers keyboards and the environment here in the Internet suck there’s not AC

Love you all and thanks for everything that you do for me.

From Elder Olsen

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