Count Down

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 12 Entrada de Copan

What was the most spiritual time of the week? I think was the lesson with Hno. O. B., we got to business on this lesson, lets put it that way, and we had the spirit so strong. When we were singing the opening hymn their dog busted through the door on a rage to eat us, wow it was scary, but Hno O, grabbed his dog and we got as far away in the room as possible, then he took it out back. We recovered from a total loss of the spirit in the beginning of this lesson.  We ended up setting the baptism date for Hno O. for the 13th of December and he said yes, so we will see what happens. 

How are the other investigators coming along? We have a few family that are progressing fairly fast but I don’t know because none of the family’s have come to church yet, but when they do I will know that they are progressing. 

We didn’t do that much for p day today, we studied which is the new enforced rule of the mission, but that’s ok. We went and played Ping-Pong and then ate at Filly’s pizza.   I ordered a burger along with some others, there is a reason it is called Filly’s Pizza, it was amazing pizza but the burgers were not.  The arcade were we played Ping-Pong is a few blocks away from the church.  

Do you have any idea in your package? Yes I received my package last week I can’t remember the day. Tell Dean and Joan thanks for the letter and I suppose the cookies too. I haven’t eaten them yet but I have them in the fridge. I received everything I am pretty sure: candy, letters, mosquito net, I don’t remember what else. The reason it was re-taped is because they flip the tag from ups under the other flap so they don’t get mixed up in the shipping.

How did the cooking with the less active sister go, can you now make baleadas? I can somewhat make baleadas, it is difficult because it is all in the hand motions. Hna E. S. helped us make them and we are going back today to practice again. This is a picture of making baleadas with Hna S. They didn’t turn out the best looking, but they tasted good.

These are baleadas.

We ate here one day

This is the O. familly and they gave us baleadas. 

Did your companion get his hair cut, and did he get his replacement glasses?  Yes he got his new glasses on Friday. I had to loan him money but his mom has money in the mail to pay for them, they were 1800 limps with everything, Exam, Frames, lenses with fotochromatic, the thing that goes dark in the sun. 

The hermanas are raising money to help a family get married.   The way they are doing this is buy selling doughnuts, they make them and we sell them.   Yes the sister missionaries make the doughnuts,  Hna. G. and Hna. D. We have sold over 150 doughnuts in the streets. My comp carries the doughnuts and I deal with all the money and the change. How many donuts do you have to sale to finish the goal?  I don’t know, but at a whopping 5 lempiras each, it is next to nothing.

Kurt Anderson’s brother is at your mission home, too bad you couldn’t be there to interpret for them.  I don’t think that I could have interpreted from English to Spanish but very easy from Spanish to English. It is difficult with all the medical terminology they use and all the names of the medications. 

We were at Hna S. house this Sunday for dinner and it was loaded with people, one crashed on his motor cycle and was all cut up and had a concussion, there were various others with dangue and chickenguna or malaria like symptoms.

Don’t send that much candy or anything, I can buy pretty much anything here that I need. It’s true though, I can buy pretty much anything here, I haven’t thought of anything I can’t find.  But letters and other stuff is fine, I just don’t want you to spend too much money, I could save that money and pay for a way nice house down here, I am not kidding a really nice house is around 100000 Lempiras to build, really not much at all.

I am going to buy a pan today that I can make doughnuts, tortillas and all sorts of other stuff in it is just to mix it in. We have banana milkshakes once or twice a week, I would make one every day if I had a blender.  Blenders are about 30 bucks so I am looking.  This week I made French toast with a semitona the next best thing I have eaten, wow.  Also this was the week of free things. First we got free beans in a pulperia, next we got free pins in a book place where I bought my binder, and then we got free bread in another pulperia.   I’m sure I spend enough in these pulperias. When family’s leave with us we have been trying to give them coke and chips when we are done.  We buy a 1.25 liter coke in the glass bottle and pour it in to cups that the pulperias will give you and share, this costs 16 limps and then we buy them bags of chips which vary from 2 to 6 lempiras. 

I have started a collection of things that you can find in the bags of chips, they call them tasos they are little round plastic disks with pictures on them.   There is a game that they play with them that I like, so I am trying to collect a full set. There are 80 different tasos but is doesn’t matter if you have a set, it just matters that you have tasos. To play the game you hit the taso off a wall and then another person does it and the person who gets within a hands width with fingers extended gets the taso.  I’ve played once and I won the game. 

I think I lived pretty good this 2 weeks with the Lempiras, now all that I have to do is hope that my companion pays me back, which he will. I loaned him money last week and he payed me back. My companion and one of the ward members thinks that by Christmas, I will be almost fluent in Spanish, lets see but I think it will be possible. 

Thanks for making it possible for me to be out here. In the next package, send a letter for my companion or have several people send him a letter through dear elder because he doesn’t receive anything

My time is up, have a good week and be safe, enjoy the snow and all that. 

Love Brian.