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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 49 La Jutsoa

Did you have any baptisms No we didn’t have any baptisms hopefully next week. 

What was a spiritual experience for this week? I will just tell one of them
Well one day this week we taught a lesson to one of our investigators and well we taught chastity we taught it very directly then we left. We got a text message the next day from our investigator saying that she didn’t know if she should keep receiving us or coming to church.   We tried to respond by a text message but it wouldn’t go through, we tried like 10 times so we decided that we would have to go and visit her. She welcomed us in and she just said what you guys taught caught me by surprise and she said when you left the other day, all that she could do was cry. She just cried for a long time and was just afflicted with all of the things that she had done. She just showed us one of the pages in the pamphlets and she just showed us it. We read it and we taught that she could be forgiven and that she could still get baptized. She was really happy and she had read almost everything that we had left. The spirit was so strong because she has actually changed her life a lot and she wants to change and get baptized. She came to church another time so things are looking good. 

How was your week?  My week was good but stressful.  What was so stressful?  Just church, the branch has many problems, the members fight against members and it is hard because we have no leaders now we lost our elders quorum president, so we just have the branch president and the young men’s leader and that is all of the priesthood.  You are seeing the difficulty of a new member area with little leadership, as elders I'm sure you hear it from everyone and try and stay diplomatic.  Its really hard but it could change, they have been throwing around the option of closing the branch.   Was your area opened since the mission was made 2 years ago or has that been there a while?   It has been open for 8 years.  Have they closed the area before?  Not for more than a few weeks, but the stake president wants to close down the branch completely.   Would you leave the area or stay and try and build the area?  That’s just an idea that the stake president had and I don’t know what would happen, the branch president is asking for another year to see if he can get things turned around.  Well go and recruit some men because that is the only way to grow.  We have like 4 for the relief society and 3 for the young women’s program and we need to find the same for the young men’s and priesthood.  Where is the elders quorum president go?   He was just released so who knows what happened.  Did he keep coming to church?  He didn’t come this Sunday. But the men here all work in the mountains and they all work every day of the week so it is hard to find ones that are here in the city and that want to hear the message. 

What were your p-day activities? Today my companion and I went to the waterfalls in La Jutosa and then we went to pizza hut to eat with some other elders. While we were there, I saw one of my past companions, Elder M. he is now a Zone leader that was weird to see.  He was in Santa Ana with me 

How have you been feeling? I felt good for most of the time. There was one day that I like hit a wall and began to sweat really bad so I got some water and ate some bread but I recovered fairly quickly. 

Did you do any service this week? No we didn’t do any service this week it is really hard to find. But lets hope for next week because I like to do some hard work once and a while. 

Has there been a lot of rain? It hasn’t rained that much. 

Why are the 2 chickens tied together with the string?  So they couldn’t run because they were going to kill them. We were with this family on another day and the mom saw that we were playing with them and just walked over and said don’t be to gentle you have to do it like this and she broke the neck killing it and then she was going to do it to another and my comp ran away.   Did you help pluck the chickens?   No.

Well my time is up it has been really fun to talk with you this week sorry because I haven’t sent many good emails its just hard to think of what to say and make all of the stories sound as good as they were, but I hope that you will all have a good week.

Love ELDER OLSEN or as J. D. D. says OSTER

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