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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 43 La Jutosa

This was when we were waiting for our new companions to arrive. We sat and ate at Wendy’s.  Looks like nice Wendy's.  Yes Wendy’s is pretty nice.

Well my companion had transfers; he went to San George Cofradia. I stayed here and got a new companion who is American. He is from Roy Utah. His name is Elder P. It is pretty cool because he was going to school at USU so he knows everything about Logan.  How long has your companion be out?  He has been out 15 months. Are you his first American companion?  No he has had a lot of American companions but he is my first. Are you working harder now?  Yes we are working harder now and finally we have the spirit with us. Can the members tell a difference with your companionship?  Yes we have the spirit finally because before it was nearly impossible.  Are you spending more money?  I am spending a little more money because my comp wants to go out and do something and I am fine with that. 

I think that the spiritual experience of the week was when we had a lesson with Marjorie and well we put a baptismal date with her for July 18, it was just a powerful lesson. The spirit was there and we really didn’t have to teach that much we just shared our testimonies and she said yes. The spirit really does work on people she still says she hasn’t received an answer, yet but I know she will come to find that these things are true. Right now we have 4 people with a baptism date.  M. who is 16, and I is 9, they have come to church there just waiting to receive an answer from their prayers. They will get baptized when they receive this answer.  C., age 13, was a reference from a member, we visited her once and put a baptismal date and she has never come to the church so if she comes next week she will progress quickly. B. is 13 or 14; she is another reference from a member. Her sister has the monkey that we played with and it is very fun. She hasn’t come to church yet but there is a very active family next door and they are doing all that they can to keep her on track. If she comes to church she will progress. 

Yesterday I was holding a monkey and it peed on me. Well we held it for a while and it got to love us and didn’t want anyone else when we got it off we would let it walk to a person and it would always go for me or my companion. Well when we got ready to go it wouldn’t let anyone take it off our shoulders because it wanted us so it would just get really mad at other people and just hug us. We got it off, and it like cried when we left, and just watched us leave.  You look pretty happy there with the monkey.  Yes it is so cute and so fun.
New Companion 

Did you serve anybody this week? Service is hard to come by and we didn’t have like a good service project this week let’s hope we can find one for the next. 

What scripture did you enjoy the most this week. A scripture in 1 Nephi 13 when it talks about the church of the devil but I liked when it talked about Christopher Columbus and the revolutionary war. I don’t have my scriptures with me but it’s in this chapter. 

What are you studying for personal scripture study? I have been reading 1 Nephi reading and studying every chapter individually and Revelations, which is also very interesting to see the about the prophecies.

How was the bacon you ate a few weeks ago?  The bacon that i ate was very good and it lasted me like 4 meals so I only ate like 3 oz. every meal it has to be somewhat healthy. 

Did you try any new food this week? I ate like some bamboo shoots or something like this with baleadas at some investigators house. This week we also have had been chicken in a sauce, rice, beans and avocado, and 2 times baleadas. Today I ate a calzone ate pizza hut. The avocado here is huge and they never give them to you ripe they are always hard and acidy.

Guess what, I got bit, on the inside of my elbow, by a tick this week and it was hard to get out. 

What did you do for p-day?  We ate at Burger King and pizza hut. Out leaders wouldn’t let us do anything so we didn’t do anything? They wouldn’t let us go to the beach but that’s what they will do because they live closer.  Do you have new zone leaders?  No we have the same zone leaders.   Can you take him to the waterfall?   Yes but in a few more weeks we will go. Next week I think we are going to go to a castle on the ocean. 

Here is a picture of me plucking the chicken last week.  It was really messy to pluck the chickens, but I know how to do it and I wouldn’t go hungry if I had to do it. 

Did you see the vw bus that we found down here in the pictures? Yes it’s for sale and it runs way good.  How much do they want for it we could put it in a container and drive it home from Florida.  I will tell you next week.

Love you all and thanks for talking with me this week. It is amazing to see how fast time goes. I love you all but my time is up for the week. Next week I will try and write better letters. 

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