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Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 39 La Jutosa

What were 2 spiritual experiences from this week? Well I had the same experience 2 times this week. Well on Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to a multi-zone conference and the AP taught us the importance of inviting investigators to be baptized.   We do that but, many people just don’t understand the restoration and when we get to that they say  “I have already been baptized” this means that they don’t understand the restoration. This week we taught the restoration 2 times and I invited the people to be baptized and they both said yes. I have been furthering my knowledge of the importance of explaining very simply the restoration so the people can understand it and the spirit has been present and testified of our words. This has been the experience from this week and it happened twice. We really haven’t worked this week because we have been outside of our area almost always.  So the 2 investigators that yes to baptism, when will you set a date?  Well one of the investigator can progress; she has kids that are members so well I just want to put a date.  The other one works on Sunday’s so we will see if we can get her a job that she doesn’t have to work on Sundays. Lets hope she has faith to do that, Her kids are progressing, one comes to church almost every Sunday and she gave us permission to baptize the kids. One is 10 and there is a daughter who is like 17.

How many people came to church last week? 33 came. Did you have any investigators? Zero.  We had stake conference and no investigators came.   There were problems with the busses from our area and many people missed the bus. We did have success because 3 of the inactive family’s came, and that was almost all of the members there. So if we continue to invite them I think that we will see some progress here in the branch.

What did you do for p day where did you go?  It was really boring because we didn’t do anything really.  We woke up early and went to the hospital so they could do a ultrasound of my companions planters tendon.  We get to go back tomorrow and see what the doctor says about his foot.   I spend so much money on busses here in this area its scary. We ate at Wendy’s twice, breakfast and lunch and then we went to see capuchin monkey.   I didn’t want to hold it because I didn’t want to get bit.  One of the elders got his finger bit.  The monkey a household pet, so hopefully he should be ok. 

Where do you have district meeting? Do the other elders come to your area or do you go to a central area?  We have our district meeting in the stake building in Choloma every Tuesday. We have to travel like always, I spend so much time in busses it seems like more time that I sleep at night.   Well I just get to be in a bus every day all day. But I am starting to get to know a lot of places.  One night, we slept in the house of some other elder’s in Choloma 10 missionaries total, because we had to be here in the morning and didn’t want to travel back to our area that late at night. I slept on the air mattress that I bought 3 changes ago it worked out good. All the others slept on dirty pads and 2 in every bed and 2 in hammocks. The house is less than 200 square feet.

Has it rained since you moved and do the streets get slippery? It rains all the time because we are in the mountain and sometimes it’s just enough to get us soaking wet. Well its better when the streets are wet because then it is not dusty because it’s all dirt roads, but then the mud gets on all my clothes. 

Are there sisters serving in any areas in your zone? There are 2 sister missionaries in my zone, they are like 1 hour 30 minutes away form us. 
How close are the nearest missionary to you?  The closest missionaries are like 25 minutes by bus to get from La Jutosa to the other area’s boundaries. 

Wow how is you sunburn, it looks bad in the picture.  Yeah it only hurt the first night, it’s not that bad I am just really dark. 

Have you hung your hammock up, it looks like it in the picture with your sunburn.  Yes the hammock is hung up sometimes I study Spanish in it with the fan blowing on me.  

Are you going out teaching or just staying in the house when you are in the area? We teach when we can but for one day next week we get to do divisiones so I will be able to work. 

 My times up good week and I love you guys.  

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