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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 42 La Jutosa

My most spiritual experience this week was a lesson we had with a man that we had contacted in the street. We contacted this man D. C. in the street and I invited him to baptism in the contact  and he said yes, well he was very interested when we taught him on Sunday. I think he will progress and his wife also,when we teach him a little bit more. He doesn’t want to marry her but she wants to marry him so it shouldn’t be that hard to get that all worked out if he begins to progress. So we went back and he started out with a face a little bit sad and when we finished he had a huge happy smile on his face. I could feel the spirit really present in this lesson and I could feel the love to see this man come to the restored gospel. I was just so happy when we left because I felt success finally here in La Jutosa. 

Have you heard anything about transfers?  I have no idea about the transfers we will see today in the night they will call us and tell us. But whatever happens, I know it will be what the Lord wants, and it will be for the best. 

Were you able to do any service is week? Yes we put in a fence post and when we finished it turned out really good. The hardest part was getting the posts and tools to the house. We had to carry them like a mile and the posts weighed about 150 lbs. so it was a little hard but I got one there and my comp brought a post that didn’t weigh as much and he brought the shovels and a pick tool. But we put it in in about an hour. 

Did you eat any new fruits this week or foods? Yes I tried Mamònes. They are pretty good; it is like a lemon that has a big pit and has a shell but there pretty good to suck on. 

How are the investigators progressing?  They are progressing; we had 4 investigators in the sacrament meeting. The best part is all of them have friends who are members of the church so it is much easier to make them feel good in the environment. I think that we will begin to see progress in the investigators that we have and we will continually be looking for others to teach along the way.

What did you do for p-day? We went a hiked a mountain in another area.  When we got up on top and there was a guy with his 22, well I think he tried to scare us.   When we were getting ready to go, I gave him a booklet about the restoration.  When we left, we heard him shooting it.  I have no idea why he shot it.  We decided to have a race getting down the hill.  Elder Olaveson and I went on a different trail and we beat all of the other elders to Wendy’s. It reminded me of the show of TV, The Amazing Race, and how fun that would be.   Choloma is the city that you can see from the top, it was like 25 minutes to hike to the top of the rock.  Did you cross any rivers on your hike today?  No, it was dry and hot. Why do you always eat at Wendy's?  Is it the best, do they have frosty's?  Yes they have everything that they have in the U.S. We eat there because it’s the cheapest.  Did you eat the baconator for lunch? No I always buy the cheapest things and I still don’t have enough money. 

What did you do out of the your area this week? On two days this week my companion had to do baptismal interviews in Almendros, so two days we were there for a few hours, it is really fun to see them getting ready for baptism. It was also fun because we went to their baptism on Saturday and President Dester came too. It was a very fun experience to see 4 people get baptized. It just makes me want to work even harder because I want to see this in my area now. The other two missionaries with the glasses made out a vine, are elder O. and Elder P.   I was with them while my companion was doing baptismal interviews for their investigators.   Elder O. who is from Idaho has 13 months in the mission and his companion has like 6 months.

Hey you should see, we made a cake and it turned out good.   How did you cook the cake?  We cooked it in the oven of one of the members. It is hard to use the 4-burner propane stove and oven because you can’t put 2 cake pans in it. We had to be creative and stack the two pans.  How many cake mix boxes did you use, it looks big.  We used 2 boxes of cake mix. 

This week I learned how to pluck and prepare chickens.  Do they soak chicken in hot water before they pluck them?  Yes that makes it much easier.   Did you learn from the same family that was doing this last week?  No it was another family of inactive members.

But I only have like 3 minutes left. It has been fun to talk to you and Happy Fathers Day its late but all good. 

Love you guys, tell Joan and Dean thanks for all they do for me, and tell her that I hope she can get better soon. I will talk with you next week, I have no idea if anyone will get transferred but we will see today in the night. I hope that everything is good back home. I got an offer of a guy that wants help to take honey out of his hives so we will see what he comes up with. 

Love you all and just hope you can have a good week, and don’t spend too much money. Can you tell me how my investments are next week? 

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