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Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 44 La Jutosa

Wow well the time passes by so fast that it can’t almost be 10 months but it is. It is really fun to be with a white companion because you can actually talk about things that you have in common because all of the Latinos don’t understand much about our lives. 

What did you do for p-day? We decided that we wanted to go to the beach so we went to the beach and it was really fun. We just played catch with a little foam football and just sat under a cabana and well we thought that they were going to charge us because they usually do and one of the guys we found there comes up to us and we asked him if he was going to charge us and he said heck no I am the owner of all this. What did you eat for lunch at the beach?   We ate Wendy’s they have a new burger with onion rings, bacon and bbq sauce.

What was your spiritual experience for the week? I think that the spiritual experience this week was realizing that next week we can have a baptism in La Jutosa it should be very fun and rewarding.  We had a lot of lessons with I, he turned 9 this week and we are going to baptize him this week. But I have just been feeling that everything that we have been doing isn’t a waste because we can finally see progress. We should have a joint baptism because one of the 8 year olds from the branch will be getting baptized on the same day. 

Do you have any baptism dates? This week on the 11th I. he is 9 years old. 
Next week 18 M. and 16 Sister D.

How many people were at church on Sunday and how many investigators did you have? We had 35 people in church and 1 of them was our investigator Ismael. 

Tell us a funny thing that happened this week. Funniest thing that happened this week was when I was walking in the street and well there was a dog that started to follow me and I turned around and there were like 3 dogs and the next thing I knew my heel was in the dogs mouth he bit me. I was a little mad because the dog bit me without reason he didn’t even bark but he only got my shoe and he tore a little bit on the back of my shoe. I am good and I am happy that he only bit me there and not on my thigh. Did the owner of the dog say anything? Did he call him off?  No the dog just bit me and the owner really didn’t do anything he just made a sound and I kept on walking.   Where was your companion?  My companion was right next to me. How is your shoe? My shoes are fine, it just left a gouge in the leather but they will last the rest of my mission. 

How is your fungus? Its getting better but there is still a little bit left. But I am sick of taking the pills and creams for it.

What are you studying this week? I am still reading in 1 Nephi I have been using a study book and well the most interesting part I read was when Nephi began to ask leman and Lemuel if they had inquired of God and they say no and well believe that God won’t contest their prayers. This is one of the problems that I see in almost every one of the investigators is that they really don’t believe that God will respond to their prayers. 

How is your companionship going? It’s going really well, we have a lot of fun all of the time. The hardest part this week was the fast because it was long and we did it from breakfast to dinner and not lunch to lunch. My comp was a little irritated during the whole fast because he was hungry, which was pretty funny. 

Are people watching the women's FIFA’s world’s cup soccer this week? No I have not seen it. 

What we did for the 4th of July. First of all we cooked crepes in the morning and they turned out really good, there are some pictures but I will send one in a second. And then we went out and taught and then in the night we had a grilling party with a family of members we cooked hotdogs with cheese in them and buns mustard and relish. Well it was really good and really fun to cook this and they tasted really good. 

The crepes look great, where did you get the cream?  and did you pick the bananas?   I bought a can of whip cream.  Did your companion like them? The crepes were really good and I think I will make them more often. My comp was always talking about the crepe place behind elements, so that why I made them. 

Have you been sleeping in your hammock, or on a bed?  I sleep in a bed but the bed has a big old hole in it and it is very uncomfortable.  Yes the rainy season is in like 3 months it will rain a lot. I sleep well because I have like a 23-inch fan blowing right on me. 

Have you got any letters?  Yes I got a birthday card but I was waiting for my birthday to open it. Well you only have a few more weeks till your birthday.  Maybe you will have to make YOU a cake.  No, I don’t want a cake.  I want something different. Wish we could take you out for your B day I could put extra money in your account and you could go to dinner.  We will see, I will just use my card. I might go to San Pedro because my comp might need a doctors appointment for some tests.  I will put extra money in your account and PLEASE go to a nice place for dinner for you birthday.  We shall see when we go if we have time. What is wrong with your companion?   He has had some migraines but he is better, he hasn’t had any problems while he has been with me.

Well I am out of time now I just have a couple minutes more but it has been
real fun to talk to you this day. I hope that everyone is doing good and
that my family will get back from trek.   Next week make sure that they
upload the pictures. Thanks for talking with me grandma and for all the
time that you have talked with me. I hope that you will have a good week

Tell hello to Katy, Joan and George and everyone else. Love you all.

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