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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 40 La Jutosa

Give us some ideas of how the spirit touched you and your investigators this week. How do you explain in to the youth? I think that the most spiritual experience that I had this week was when we did splits with the Assistants to the president. It was very amazing to see how they did the things without fear and it was really fun to have a companion that spoke English. I was with elder E. and we had some fun. I learned a lot but I could tell you that the spirit was definitely there. Especially when we invited the people to be baptized. What I would say to the youth is that you have to be ready to get your ship out of the harbor as Brother Poppleton would say and go for it because really the spirit will put the words in your mouth. I have been trying to be better at inviting all to be baptized in the first visit. The only thing that happens here is that the people have a fear to commit to do something and will always say, “If God wants me to, I will do it.”  Well God wants you to so you should do it. 

What did you do for p-day? so did the other elders come up to your area to go to the waterfall or where is the waterfall locate.  Yes there were about 10 of us who went to the waterfall in my area.  We went to a waterfall the same waterfall we visited the first p day but this time we made it on top and to the next water fall it was very hard and dangerous but we got to a better waterfall and well we all only got a couple of scrapes and scratches.  It was a very long hike and we just got going making a trail up the mountain next to a cliff until we got to the top. When we were going down one of the elders got lost but he had a phone so he called us and well I found him just around the corner from where I was. Amazing that there was reception because we were 45 minutes from anything in between really tall mountains. 

How is the companionship going and the doctor visits? Well we went to the doctor on Tuesday and he put like a nerve block in his foot so it will last 6 months but he now can’t feel his foot but it doesn’t hurt. And well on the way we stayed and waited and hour at some other elders house and we were getting ready and walking out of the alley on the side of the house and my comp was putting something in his pocket and had his head bowed and he hit a ac unit that was hanging and it started to bleed so we went to his appointment with his foot and then the orthopedic surgeon said that we should go to the ER, and he sewed it up. He knows Brian Nelson he did some surgeries with him like 6 years ago and he always goes to the States for conferences. But I have a doctor’s appointment with a dermatologist this Wednesday to check this fungus out and get some cream that is more powerful. So that should be fun. The AP came to help us and I think it has helped and we are finally getting work done and my comp finally will talk with me a little.  Did the assistance give you ideas on how to be a better companion or did they just talk to your companion.   Both, and it has worked good, so thanks to them we can work now. What did they suggest for you to do?  Serve Him more. Work to get rid of pride. Do you think your companion will be transferred in 2 weeks?  I think that he will stay, which is fine because it is getting better. 

What was your best meal for the week? My best meal of the week was yesterday when we are 5 baleadas with the fam M. this is the family of the lunch cook. It was really good because I was really hungry. 

Tell something about a family that feeds you dinner? One of the family’s that feeds us dinner is the family R. they have been inactive for a while but have 2 kids that go. We visit the wife and the others of the family and they are starting to activate again, they live in a hill that we have to walk up to get there. We usually get baleadas but that’s fine because I really enjoy them. We also leave to visit with the older son E.he got back from his mission a year ago. He’s pretty fun but he always says that he needs to get married but he is too scared. 

Has it been really hot and humid there, the temperature looks like 105?  No I am in the mountain so it is fairly cool, like less than 80.  I slept in my hammock 2 times this week and I always use my blanket.

Tell us about the horse picture, who's socks are on the dirt?  They are my companions. He has so many socks sometimes he throws them away instead of washing them. So the horse was eating your trash?  Yes there are so many horses in the streets here and all they eat is trash.   There are also lots of frogs, dogs, cats that roam the streets.   No I haven’t eaten frog, but I’m not sure I told you that one time I ate iguana.  Yes, it tastes like chicken.  There are so many frogs at night, I see like 50 or 60 and some are like 2 pounders and others are small, they’re like an ugly green and brown. 

What type of tree’s are behind the horse?   There is a cacao tree.

I am excited because I am going to buy bacon today. La Antorcha I finally found it and it looked really good. 

How is the new branch president doing are you getting more people to church how was your word mission leader? Amazing he is dedicated to help the people and he is always in the area visiting and helping all of the members. Are you getting more people to church? We had 47 people in church this Sunday but none of it if because of us. How was your word mission leader?  Good he is coming to church now and I think that he will continue and next month for the whole month his wife will be able to come. He wants to leave with us and teach so it’s a good deal.  That sounds amazing, now you just need a few more priesthood holders.  We had 14 this Sunday.   Did you have to speak church or teach lessons? We taught a short lesson in the primary this week. 

Thanks I will try and send more pictures next week.  Love you all and have a good week. And I know that the Lord will protect you all. 

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