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Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 38 La Jutosa

Hey my debit card stopped working and I don’t have money. Can you call and get it fixed?  I am out of money really I have 5 lempiras and that’s all.   When do you get money put into your account?  The money is put in the first of the month, so next Monday. Does it cost more where you live because you have to take the bus more, is that why you are out of money?  No, I lost like 1000 lempiras.  I bought soap for 300 that got stolen on the bus. 300 to buy it again and then I had to spend 200 in pills for a fungus.  The soap was stolen on the bus. Did you fall asleep?  No the bag just disappeared, I had it and then it wasn’t there.     Almost everyone has some sort of fungus going on because of the heat and humidity. The fungus its getting better, I am using ketoconazol and loratadina, with orders to shower 3 times a day, which is great for me.  There’s water 2 times day when I shower and the other I use a bucket and water from the pila. 

What was the spiritual experience of the week? This week the most spiritual experience was when I did divisiones with the zone leaders. It was really relaxing to get to work a full day and feel like a missionary again. We had a lot of success and the spirit was there.   We even received 3 references from members that day.   Did your zl work in your area or in theirs?  We all worked in my area as 2 Companionships. I was pumped and wanted to work hard the rest of the week, but there has been 2 days that my companion has refused to leave and work in the morning. 

How is the companionship going? Well I am good but my companion is very depressed and he just likes to fight with any one including the members, he gets contentious. But I finally figured out what is passing and I can understand why he is so mad. He ripped his tendon in his foot like a year ago and he has been fighting with it but it isn’t getting better and they might be sending him home so that he can get surgery, this it why he is stressed and really mad.   We will find out this week if he is going home, that’s all that I have heard from him.   No hopefully they can fix his foot because I can work with him but it will just take a little more time and really it helps me be more patient.   

What did you do for p-day today? We went to the beach and played football (soccer).

How many went to the beach was it the whole zone?  Like 20 of us, but not the whole zone.   Was the beach clean like Roatan or was it dirty?  No it was clean and there were cabanas but we didn’t want to use them because they wanted to charge our group 50 limperia to be there and use them so we just used coco trees.  Are there any missionaries that went today that have been in other areas of your mission with you?  A few.   How much did the bus ride to the beach cost?  It cost, like 2 dollars.  

We ate at the beach, the food wad really good and the raspberry juice was too. 

I got so sunburnt today. I am burnt all around even the back of my thighs. 

All of the people in my city work in makilas or sewing factories: some people make thread, some sew, and some make material.  It is all textiles. And those in the mountains grow bananas. 

How was Sacrament meeting this week, what did you teach and talk about? I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and it was on the family. I only spoke like 7 minutes because the stake presidency was there. They released the branch president that we have and put a new one.  I think things should pick up because he is very motivated. 
How are you investigators? They aren’t any progressing; the one that was progressing and living the word of wisdom got drunk.  We did get permission from the mom to baptize a boy that comes to the church almost every week, in a couple months. 

Is the food different than you last area?  Less fried? Yes there is less fried food and we eat more white rice and vegetables, and we get tortillas from real corn not maseca. 

Do you every see any monkey's? No there’s not any monkeys unless we go up higher in the mountains from are area. 

Is this Internet Cafe and shopping 50 minute from the house? Do they have small stores in your city, not even an island market?  No there are no small stores in my city, think of shopping only from half of what we have in our food storage. We have to come to Choloma to buy food.  Looks like a business opportunity.  Yes there’s also a market to rent houses here and make bank.  There’s really not a house that’s not occupied and everyone is renting. 

Have you done any service this week?  Well there’s not service to do because no one wants it. We found some so we will see if we can do it the next week. 

How was the stake president do you have a branch member called time be ward mission leader?  No we have a mission leader but he’s inactive, we invited him to come this week and he came so we will see how this goes. 

How is the new cook? Is it the same price as in the last area? We pay 25 less for the 15 days. She is good; we eat a lot of white rice, which is fine with me because it’s good.  Do you eat a lot of different varieties of bananas?  Yes there’s a lot and I have been eating kiwi lately.  Do you eat a lot of chicken or no meat?  We eat a lot of pork chops and hamburger and chicken here.  

So is your house the same size as the church?  Our house is bigger than the church. 

Your cousin’s Jeff and Katelyn were talking about their missions and smoking, the kids start young in Russia and Poland, even as young as 8 years old.  Yeah I say a 6-year-old drinking beer here.  At what age do they have kids in Russia?  Because here its not weird to see a 15 or 16 year old with kids.   It’s the children with the children here, they are living together without marriage and there’s more single than married. That would be difficult to teach them why it is wrong.  Yes that’s why almost all of the members are single moms with their kids and we don’t have priesthood holders. 

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