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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Week 85 SPS

I didn't take any pictures and it was an exhausting week.  It was just tiring because for 3 days we had to wake up really early. One day we woke up at 6:30 the others at 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning to go to the airport.  How much money did it cost to ship bag home for the elders?  It costs 46 dollars for the second bag.   Did you catch up on your sleep today?  Not really.

How did transfers go and how many trips to the airport? We went to the airport 3 Times for the changes. Do the airline employees know you by name yet? No they don't know me but they don't get mad at me any more, they used to try and tell me that I couldn't wait in the check in line now they don't say anything.  Who makes the bigger mess the incoming or leaving missionaries?  The missionaries that are going home. 

How has the weather been there this week? It has been hot as always but I feel that it is cooler than some of the last few weeks.

Have you heard anything more about the church putting your house up for sale?  No they haven't done anything and they most likely won't do anything they are big talkers but slow doers. We will be fine or well at least I won't have to be in charge of figuring out what to do when it happens.

What happened with your investigators this week? Well we were going to have a baptism this week but we had to reschedule it for next week. Han K. is really excited to be baptized but there just hasn't been enough time to plan the baptism this week and get an interview done so we will wait until next week.
Do you ever run the dishwasher after your bubble incident? Yes I usually wash a lot of dishes just that I use so I know that they are truly clean because many of the dishes look clean but aren't very clean.

Did you have something funny or exciting happen this week? The coolest thing this week was we gave a reference of an inactive family to the sister missionary's in the area right next to ours and well I was the only person that had ever visited this family that was still here and I knew if I didn't show someone else they would be lost again. So we went with the sisters to the lesson so they could get to know them. He should go to the sisters ward but he has only come to ours a few times and the members haven't helped us visit him, so we decided it would be best if the other ward would help them out.

What are you working on today?  We are planning a video that we are going to make.  What is the video going to be about?  You will see it when we make it.  What is the video for?  We are doing it for fun.  Is the video coming today?  No the video will take us a while because it is going to be good.  Will we see your video skills?  Possible.   Will you be doing the editing?  We have someone to do it all. 

When your replacement comes, will he sleep in the same room as you two or does he sleep in the over flow. 

What did you do today?  We went to the airport and picked up President D. and his wife.  So that was the 4th trip to the airport this week.  They had church training with all of the mission presidents from Central America.  Did you wait long or were they on time?  No,they got there on time. 

Sorry we had to go and pick someone up but now we are back.  Where did you go?  We had to go to the center of SPS.  Who usually rides in the front of the truck?  I and Elder P. are usually in the front.   

How is it going with your companionship?  Fine.  How is Elder B. adjusting to the mission office?  He seems to be doing good, he is really funny.

Where did you eat this week?  Just a fast food places the whole time.

We checked out your apartment complex at BYU.  I heard it was far from everything.  One of your roommates works in the food service.  That sounds boring, I don't want to work like that. I will figure something else out.

We just came upon an accident; the traffic going the opposite direction is at a stand still.  At least they set up detours in Utah, here in Honduras they wouldn’t tell any one then they would shut down all the streets and trap you.  Why would they shut down the streets?  They would shut them down for an accident.   Everybody here makes their own roads, wherever there is space is considered a road here including sidewalks, driveways, grass and anything else you can think of.  The best thing is the cops don't get mad because they do it too.

I am out of time. Love you all see you later.

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