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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 84 SPS

What are you working on today?  We were looking at the requirements at BYU and the new AP elder B. was helping us know what are good classes we should take. It was kind of interesting.  Is he the elder dad met when he went to church there in Honduras?  Yes that is him.  It sounds like he adjusted well to the mission.   Yes, he is a good missionary. Did elder B. remember me talking to him?  Yes, he remembers you, its not too often that a gringo comes to church.  Do you guys not consider yourself as Gringos?  Well we are pretty much Latino’s. 

What was the spiritual thing of the week? Well it was so interesting but I don't know if I want to share it yet, because after the mission this will be the best one that I have had. I saw a literal miracle in my life and in the life of another person. I just couldn't even believe what happened so it truly was a miracle. I just had to laugh for like days after it happened because I still didn't believe it was possible.

Is your baptism still on for today? No.  What happened with the baptism?  Well, she hasn’t been able to come to church, because she is really busy. She wanted to get baptized but there isn't enough time. When does she rotate to a different area in the hospital? Every month they have her rotating. So when did you push it to?  It’s up in the air right now.  We have some investigators from Lempira Honduras, they are workers for some of the member family and they really want to learn more.  You won't have much time next week to teach because of changes, any old companions going home this transfer.

What are you studying right now? I am reading in D&C in section 69 and I really liked it and I feel that I am going to be better with writing in my journal after reading it.

When are transfers? Next Tuesday.  Are any of the office elder’s leaving this transfer? Only Elder W. the old AP.  Was Elder W. the one who was funny, like jumping off onto the mattresses? No that is elder P., he will be here for the next change his replacement will be coming soon as well.  So your replacement should come at the same time as his, did he come in after you to the mission office?  His replacement will come a few weeks after mine. He came a change after me.  Are any of your old companions going home this transfer?  No, I only have 2 companions that are still in the mission, my current one and the last one.  How many missionaries will be going home this transfer?  16 or so leaving and about the same number will be coming.  There are no gringos coming in this change. 

What did you do for p-day? We played soccer and we ate at orange burger

How is your health? I am doing well; I final got some new creams to try on my rash.
It is weird to watch people make cinder blocks here they cost like 9 HNL I think I may be wrong.  In Mexico, the bricks were I think 2 for a dollar and there is no cement in them so it costs next to noting to make them and they are real fragile, if you drop them they would break.  Wow that’s cheap but the cinder blocks are still cheaper and bigger.   I see people making them all the time and then they leave them in the sun to dry.

Love you all but my time is up so have another super fast week and I will try and be better with taking pictures for next week.

Elder Olsen

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