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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week 82 SPS

Disneyland is 80 degrees and sunny. Well that sounds cold. It is 90 at night to sleep here and the power supposedly went out last night some felt it but I sure didn’t. Well Logan sounds best, in the 60s and sun.  I would have to wear a coat.  It is super hot this week hotter that most all other times, and it sure is a killer. It is just hot.  Are you using fans on the bed to keep you cool? We would soak our sheet in water before we went to sleep and let it evaporate so we could sleep?  That would just make things hotter. I sweat enough to get the sheets wet

What happened with your investigators this week? Well this Sunday we had a reference for a well it is like a maid or I don’t know how to say it that came with one of the member families. She is really interested in the message and accepted her baptism date for the 16 of April so she should be ready. We also have many other investigators. We are still waiting on the hna M. to come a few more times to plan her baptismal service she is ready but we cant change the job of a doctor, if she has to be there she has to be there otherwise people will die.   Are you going to have 3 baptisms in April?   We have a goal for 2. 

Tell us something funny that happened this week. Honestly I can’t think of anything funny that happened this week. Sorry I just don’t remember these things very long. 

What was a spiritual experience from this week? Well I would say it has been the opportunity that we have had to see conference. It is great to be able to hear these talks in English and hear and find ways I can change. I really liked Neil A Andersons talk it was really dynamic and interesting to listen to.  I watched the first 2 sessions on the computer in the office; the next will be in the institute building. How many elders are watching with you today?  There were 4. Do college students go to the institute like they do here?  Yes that’s why it is right off the campus.  Who teaches the Institute classes are they American?  Our bishop is in charge of institute, that’s his job. There are many teachers.  We ate lunch at KFC because we all have 10 percent discount coupons without restrictions.  Who gave you the coupons?  Workers in KFC, it just says we are students or executives but it works every time.

What did you end up doing on Easter Sunday? Truly we didn't do anything.  Easter week is known as la Semana Santa.   Out of the normal we worked in our area and there was not many people that we found (most families head to the beach during this holiday) but we had lots of lessons planned to the point where it was impossible to go to all of them. We ate sushi with family Molina who invites us to dinner on Sundays. It was really good. 

How is your companionship going?  It is going good, Elder C. is funny he is also very old like 28 years old and he was a sales marketing person and he is always too worried in presentation of everything he has to use big words and sometimes it is funny because you never know what he is going to say. 

Well my time is up, so have a good week. Love you and talk to you later. 

Elder Olsen

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