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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Week 83 SPS

What was your spiritual experience for the week? Well there was one night that was amazing. We started out the day and everywhere we went there was a member that wanted to talk with us. We walked and every 200 yards we met some new member from another ward. It was really cool, then we went to little Caesar’s pizza and yet another member talked with us. And right now, I was looking at this and just thinking, wow the church is huge and truly covers almost the whole earth, truly the second coming is really near. Look at the meeting houses around the world, it is interesting.
Did you do any traveling this week? We didn't do much we went to the airport a couple times but nothing more than that.

Did you try any new food this week? No I didn’t try any new food this week well not that I can remember.

How is the weather?  Do you have any rashes? Well the weather is really hot especially at night. And also I always have weird rashes.

What did you do for p-day this week? We didn't do anything really fun. We went and played soccer for an hour, the soccer field was outside in the sun. Then we got our hair cut, which cost 100LHN, then we ate at dominoes pizza and then we came here to the office.

I finally got my residency, I had to just take the picture and in one month my ID card will get here.   Usually you should get residency in about a year but there has been major problems.

Are you getting any dinner invites?  We have dinner always on Sunday and Thursday, the other nights we have to fend for ourselves.  Do you get tired of all the fast food every day?  Yes I don’t want fast food, it is nasty, but that is all there is. What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Cereal and sometimes pancakes eggs and ham.  What is the food that you have missed the most on your while on your mission?  Good meat and really some salad and real butter in everything, not margarine and real cheese not processed cheese that doesn’t melt, just all food in general.

Is there any new information on the mission getting a new truck?  No, one knows.   Our ac doesn’t work really well any more, we need new tires and there is a pulley that is making a weird sound so hopefully soon.

Are the baptisms still on?  We will see about the baptisms, I hope there will be one, we will see.

Have you had to find any new housing for missionaries or is everything just moving along?  We have been looking for some new houses. 

What has been distracting you today?  We had a rubber band fight with the other office right now, other than that we aren’t doing anything else.

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