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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 77 SPS

I figured out what I wanted to do on excel and it works now. I also used what i learned to save myself hours of work yesterday in like five minutes I made a simple thing that saved me literally hours. It’s not what it was it is what it did. It took data mashed it together and then from a drop down box you could select the last name and it would fill out the Name the Date of Birth and the insurance number.  Did you show Sister D?   No I might just do all the insurance things it won’t take long.  The old nurse used to do it but when she finished sister D. started to do it but she says it takes hours and it’s really hard. But now it is not hard and in like 30 minutes I can file all the claims for the month.  I have been working on automating the processes as the financial secretary, we will see if I have time to finish this next week.  Do you have a deadline or do you just want to finish it next week?  I just want to finish next week because the next week is the week of changes and it is crazy. 

Grandma said the baptism is still on and they got married?  Yes she hasn't been able to come to church this month because of her work but next month she is will hopefully be in an area that she doesn’t have to be on call Sunday. When did they get married?  4 months ago they just hadn't told us.  Do they have to come 3 times in a row or just 3 times total before they can set a date?  There is no set number, but 3 is a good number, she has more because she had gone off and on for the last over 9 years. I hope she gets baptized before I get transferred but if not, well anytime works.  We also have a new investigator and he will come to church this Sunday.

What was the spiritual experience of the week? It has been a long week i finally finished the Book of Mormon and now I have started reading the Doctrine and covenants. I have learned so much but the thing that was the most interesting that I learned was when Joseph Smith was translating the plates and martin Harris asked Joseph to ask god if he could take the manuscript and show it to his close family: Joseph asked and through the urim and thumim God said no. Martin Harris wasn't satisfied with his answer and had Joseph ask yet again and god said no. He then asked him to ask yet again and god finally said yes. Truly I sit there and thing how often we are like Martin Harris and we try and change the counsels that god has given unto us. So that was one of the things that I learned this week.

Is the new car coming and any decision on the house? Well we still need 2000 KM more to get the new car we are getting there fast surely during next month we should get a new one. The house, well they haven't said anything and probably wont say anything.  So we are fine until they actually start to do something.

Where did you travel this past week?  Yesterday we went to Yojoa for a few minutes in the morning.

How many new missionaries are coming in the next transfer and how many are going home? 18 new missionaries will be coming not this Tuesday but next it should be interesting because it will be the first time my new comp will be with all of the newbies.  So what time will you have to get to the airport to pick up the new elders?  We have to leave at like 7 in the morning.

What did you do for p-day? We ate breakfast with president D. in Denny's.  What did pres. say at breakfast?  He just said thanks for all we do. But he does a lot more than us. We heard some funny stories and then we went to the house my companion went and had his hair cut and we then went and ate at INKA it was really good again I ate the sweet and sour chicken and it was really good.

How is your health? I feel good the only thing is I really want more sleep; it is tiring sometimes what we have to do.

How did you shrimp turn out? The shrimp were OK the only thing is that after buying the shrimp I didn’t have money to buy spices so I just battered them and fried them with tempura batter and ate them with my salad with Asian sesame dressing it was good. 

Is Easter a big week in Honduras?  Do they do fireworks?  Yes it is a big week the Catholics walks through the streets with their statues and candles

Has is been raining and is it warming up?  It has been cold and rainy here.

I need to go, I am busy doing things too. Love you all and talk to you next Saturday.


Elder Olsen

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