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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 78 SPS

What was the spiritual experience of the week? Well this is very hard because there are so many that I can’t choose one. I need to get better at keeping my journal, I did really well up until the time I came here to the office but now every entry would be as follows: I woke up ate, went to the office and talked to an angry landlord or a missionary. But it is still amazing there are always small miracles and as I sit down at the end of each day I can realize them. Most of the time I don't realize them in the moment but until after. Like yesterday we took a mattress to a house, we took it out and then we got in the truck and it started to rain really hard. It was definitely a blessing and a small miracle that the mattress didn't get ruined.

Does your comp that is leaving know where he is going to, or does the president keep that a secret up until transfers? My president had everything on a big board in his office so you could look and see where all the missionaries were but yours is probably all on the computer. Well yes and no. President D. does have a changes board in his office but that does not get updated until the day or so after the changes so no one knows their change. The only thing we know is that my companion has changes, that’s all we know. To where we have no idea, we think Choloma but we will have to wait and see.  Does the new secretary know his job well enough to be alone?  He doesn't know everything yet? 

What did you do for p day today? Did you do anything fun this week? Well we did some running around and we had to wake up really early. But on our way back from doing some things we stopped by a store that sells Honduras things and I ended up buying some cool things, I still haven't figured out what I am going to do, I might just send a suitcase home with Elder P. I would pay for the third bag that could weigh 50lbs and would cost like 130 dollars to ship, and I know it would get there quickly.  Has Elder P. agreed to this?  He said I could put some stuff in his bags I am just going to send an other bag with him checked to SLC he will be fine with it.  I have to do him a favor; he can do me one too.

How were your investigators this week? Well they are all so busy and this week we have also been busy and the next week we will be even more busy. It has been hard to have lessons because they are always falling through and also we don't have time to go some days. There is one sister that has been listening to the lessons and she seems like she is interested.   Her sister got baptized about a year ago and she shows an interest. We tried to teach her months ago but she wouldn't let us, now she wants to learn and her time may have arrived.

Do you have any funny stories, or did anything interesting happen this week? There hasn't been anything interesting that has happened this week. The really cool thing was that we went to La Jutosa, my old area, and we picked up an id card because the missionary forgot to send it to us and we needed it the next day, so I took a picture in front of the church just for fun.

Tell us about your ward. Well our ward is called Jardines del Valle its like a the Cliffside of Honduras all the people are really busy with their jobs and are really dedicated to work.  They like to be overly formal at times but that's fine, I like it like that, it’s a good change. There are about 100 members that come every week; last week there wasn’t a very high attendance of priesthood holders.   We the 4 elders, passed the sacrament and one elder helped bless. We also teach the Gospel Principals Class and there are usually several people in the class.

How did rent payments go only two more times to do that job?  Good, there are still 3 landlords that I haven’t paid, I just need them to call me so I can make a deposit in their account, I am forcing them out of having us pay in cash because that is more risky. We will now be able to do electronic transfers with them. There were only 4 landlords, and now only 3 left.

After 30 minutes of no emails, we got this message from Elder Olsen:
Well, I got stuck on a long call with a bank and now I don’t have any time. I have to go, Love you ALL.

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