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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 76 SPS

Are you guys going to write on the computer or on the phone or ipad. I have something that I have been learning and want to show you, but you will have to use a computer with excel.  It is interesting, excel is one of the coolest things out there, it might be cooler than Photoshop in ways. I haven't finished yet, but you can see some of the features.  This is a form that we have to fill out then we sent to the insurance company to get the money back. Just click on the Add New Claim button and fill it in and see what happens it took me like 2 days to learn how to do this, its not that hard the next thing I am going to do to it will probably take me longer.  

Tell us about a spiritual experience this week? To be honest I don't remember anything in specific but we did have the opportunity to do some service on time this week. I don't even know if you could call this service but it counts to me. We were visiting one of the more elderly sisters and she said and has said in the past that someone always calls her phone like a lot sometimes more than 20 times a day and it really bothers her. Well just so happened that during our lesson her phone rang and she had me answer it and tell the person not to call ma back. It was super simple but she was really happy and she even got a laugh out of it. So we helped her out although in a very small way she was super happy. I just hope the number hasn't called her back again.

Were you able to teach the doctor this week?  Yes we were able to teach her this week but only for about 30 minutes if it was possible she would be getting baptized but she has to work yet again. This month she has been working in the section of the hospital with the newborns that have major problems so she is really busy and apparently she is the only one that can do all the tests they don't let anyone from the other departments do them because they don't want more people handling the babies. So she now has a baptism date for March.  Hopefully her boyfriend, who she has been with 9 years, will finally propose so they can get married. I think he is just waiting for her to get baptized, but who knows.

Did you make it back to continue teaching the little girl that you baptized? This week I can’t remember, she is really hard to find and they are remodeling their house right now so everything is outside. We will keep trying to have another lesson with her, she came to church on Sunday so she is still doing fine.

What did you eat this week? Well I haven't really eaten anything special, but I just bought shrimp to cook they look really good.   Grandma wants to know how you plan to cook your shrimp?  Well I think I am going to have a Parmesan orzo with shrimp and possibly tempura shrimp or something.  Those shrimp are really cheap they cost 6 dollars a pound; I will send a picture of them.   The jumbo cost 15 a pound but they were literally quarter pound shrimp.  Head off for half a pound of them because I bought the pre cleaned ones. Another half of shirmp are not cleaned. Grandma has a good recipe for spicy shimp, but you cook it on the grill.  If you grill the shrimp make sure that the fire is out when you are done.  Yes or I will burn the house down.

How is your health? I feel good, I just need to start to do some exercise to put on some muscle and everything would be perfect.

Do you have a new mission nurse or is sister D. still covering that?  Yes Hna E.  is the new nurse.  How old is she, and does she track?  I don't know how old she is. Yes they are missionaries as well.  Is she a RN or just assigned to do that?  She has to be something because she knows all sorts of weird stuff.

My companion’s, Elder C. and Elder C. are both older by 8 years.  Are they more mature than the other elders since they are older?   No they are not more mature because they are older, they are just missionaries like every other.

How has the weather been this week? It has been cool, sometimes hot and it has rained a little.

Which airline do the American elders fly home on?  Either Delta or American.  American is easier for Sister Mower because it goes thru Texas so I'm thinking American for you to?  Who knows we will se they buy my ticket in 12 weeks.

Any decision on the house selling it or fix it up?  President said he doesn’t think they will sell it.  So will they fix the house, up any chance for hot water?  No I don’t think they would do that. If I had been thinking when I started my mission, I would have bought a small on demand water heater and a hose that would have been a great idea. 

Will you mail the machete or bring it thru customs?  I will bring it through customs.  That should be fun. Usually they see missionaries and wave you thru. Did you take elder M.  to the airport a few weeks ago?   In 2 weeks, he finishes with elder p.

Ok thanks. My time is up, but it has been good to talk with everyone.
Love you all.
Elder Olsen

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