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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 74 SPS

What was the spiritual experience of the week? It had to be during a lesson that we had last night with an inactive member from Tegucigalpa. He served his mission, came back and went inactive. He has been inactive for a lot of time but when he came here to San Pedro, we started to visit him and he really has a great potential. He just talked to us about how he felt and how he was thinking about not coming to church this Sunday, it was really neat to feel the spirit, how we felt it there and he know that it was there.  I feel like he wants to change he just has to get up the willpower to do it and not turn back.

What was your biggest challenge this week? I think it has been not getting too frustrated with people. Many times people get some stupid ideas and they don't thing of the results. And they get mad when one tries to explain things too them. There is many times that people first call and they tell you all about there problem and then they ask well what are you going to do about it. Then comes the moment that you have to ask, “who am I talking with”.  This is one of the biggest frustrations that I have, every week they call and they expect you to know who they are when they don´t tell you.

Where did you go for p day today? We didn't do anything today we just went and cut our hair and now we are writing and after we will go and get something to eat.  What did you have for lunch?  We ate at a new meat place by our house it was sort of expensive, we tried it but I don't think I would want to go back. 

I have been fixing some problems the mission has with baptism records hopefully preventing future problems.  What were the problems with the mission baptism records?  Lots have been lost.  Were they digital?  No, we have the paper records; they just haven't been well take care of by others.  I made and excel sheet that should fix these problems, the new secretary (my companion’s replacement) comes tomorrow so we are going to make him think that this is how it has been all along so he does not have bad habits.   Do you know who is coming to the office?  I think so his name is Elder C. he is a convert and he is a graduated lawyer.  He will come tomorrow in the afternoon, someone else is going to go and pick him up. 

Did you eat any good food? Yes I made tuna and also I made a lot of salad, one night I made that yellow saffron rice that I bought.

How did the baptism go? Hopefully you have pictures, who baptized her?   When do you usually do the confirmation? The baptism was good.  She got baptized last Saturday. She was extremely nervous and didn't even want to take pictures but after she was baptized everything was good, she wasn't nervous anymore. She knows everything about the church she has come for her whole life she was just never baptized. It was the most organized baptism that I had seen the family brought snacks and the grandma was really excited that her granddaughter was finally going to get baptized this was one of her few wishes in life. I baptized her and I had to do it twice because I messed up the first time. All converts get confirmed during sacrament meeting the Sunday after their baptism. She was confirmed that Sunday. She is really happy we haven't been able to have a lesson with her this week but we have passed by her house to see how she has been doing.

What was something funny that happened this week? There was nothing-super funny that happened this week.  What about the pillow pictures?  That isn’t me with the pillows, that was elder P.  

So, when is the doctor scheduled to be baptized?   Will you be doing the baptism or will it be her boy friend?   She is schedule for the 27th, I hope.  Her boyfriend and future husband will baptize her. 

Love you all, see you later

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