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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 73 SPS

How are plans going for the baptism? Good Hna A. passed her baptismal interview and will be getting baptized today at 5 so that will be fun. Also Hna M. has her baptismal date set for the 20th of February and she is progressing to meet this goal. Han M. is a pediatric doctor or whatever you call that. Is there going to be a lot of people at the baptism? I think so. Do the office elders have many baptisms? Some.

What was your spiritual experience of the week? It was definitely the lesson we had with sister M. we taught her in the home of the family A. the husband is one of the counselors in the stake presidency and he is an orthopedic surgeon. They were very willing to help us and share their testimonies, the spirit was very strong and it was amazing when Hna M. said that she was going to be ready for her baptism on the 20th. She totally felt the spirit and I can’t wait to see her change and hopefully get married after she gets baptized.

How has the weather been for you? It has been really cool i have had to carry my blanket around in the hose in the morning for a while to stay warm. Also the water is extremely cold.

What is one of your favorite scriptures? This week I have been reading in Mormon and well as the Doctrine of Salvation. One of the things that caught my mind this week is truly how much love and understanding Christ has for the Jews. As I read in Mormon 5 verse 14 I just thought a lot about how He is even going to give the Jews another chance to accept him as their savior. He really loves us more than we can comprehend.

Mormon 5:14
 And behold, they shall go unto the unbelieving of the Jews; and for this intent shall they go—that they may be persuaded that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God; that the Father may bring about, through his most Beloved, his great and eternal purpose, in restoring the Jews, or all the house of Israel, to the land of their inheritance, which the Lord their God hath given them, unto the fulfilling of his covenant;

What did you do for p-day? We haven't done anything in the morning, the power went out in our house so there was nothing then we went and got some baptism clothes and we then ate breakfast and came to the office so they could drop off the new printer.

How was the week for finance secretary? Slow because the printer didn’t work. Has the printer come? Yes it came, but its not the best, I prefer the old one. They sent us a discontinued printer. Does the church send it to you? Yes and they sent us a ok printer but sometimes I think that they don’t know what they are doing, many times they just buy without seeing a demonstration.

Do you realize that today is there are 200 days until you come home? It could possibly be less. I talked with president about it, but he hasn't told me anything. I will have to ask him again this week. That would be good. Family wants to know so that they can make plans to come see you.

Are you using mosquito repellant for the new zika virus? No because I will get it anyway, the mosquitoes bite regardless of the mosquito repellent.

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