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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 72 SPS

Did you do anything for p day?  We just ate lunch and cleaned the house.  We ate at Orange Burger; I got a chicken sandwich that was really good.  Did everyone clean the house or just you?  Just the cleaning man and I cleaned the house. Was the picture of your house a current one, there was trash all over.  Yes that is the current house the missionaries destroyed the house.  Wow that would drive me crazy.  Yes it is all cleaned up now. I just shut myself in my room and went out in the morning to see destruction.  We cooked breakfast and they ate dinner in our house and one time we purchased Chinese food.

How is the truck trade in going?  Well we are over 93000 KM so we’re closer, next month we should get there or at least to 97000 then we only need a week for the other 1000 KM.   So you might get the new one before you transfer out?    We will get the new one.  Did you ever get the truck fixed?  No we haven’t had time we also need new shocks.

Tell us about a spiritual experience from the last two weeks? I would say the most spiritual experience would have to be with our investigators. We have several but it is hard to divide our time up to go and visit them sometimes it just does not seem like there is enough time to do what we need. Yesterday after we left from the office, we went to a lesson and it was really good. We visited the family of A. and the whole family was helping her and teaching her about the gospel. We tried to put a baptism date with her and then the mom and the sisters started to fight a bit about their schedules and it was very interesting to see the daughter that is 9 tell her mom and her older sisters that “this Saturday I will be baptized you don't need to fight over it”. Han A. has gone to church her whole life so hopefully everything will go fine with her. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people to be baptized.   Also in the case of Hna M., she has a very busy schedule but the one date  (Feb 20th) we felt was the right date for her baptism, she had traded shifts and would be able to come. Han M. has had to work some Sundays but that is her life as a doctor here in Honduras, she is pretty much always on call. To me these are small miracles that I have seen in the last two weeks.

How are you feeling? I feel great, sometimes I am tired but this is just a result of airport runs at 3 in the morning.

Did you have transfers last week? Yes there were transfers.  How did that go?  Well it went well, there were over 20 missionaries that came and 20 that left so there was a lot of change in the mission. We picked up the new Elders except for 2 that would come the next day in the morning. We went the next day in the morning and we were literally 5 minutes late getting to the airport and the elder and sister that were going to arrive were not there, we spent an hour or so looking for them and they finally showed up at the mission office. They said that they came out there was nobody, so they sat for a minute and then someone offered to give them a ride to the offices so they went with them and well we thought they were lost.  Did they missionaries travel by themselves this time like the mission president wants to try? No they traveled in groups it is safer to travel like this here.  When the missionaries are heading home, do you usually take them shopping for souvenirs?  Yes we always take them shopping for souvenirs.  This time my 1st companion, Elder C. went home.   Next transfer, Elder P. goes home. So you can see Elder P. when he leaves?  Yes I will take him to the airport. 

How is the new AP? The new AP is very funny and he likes to do a lot of exercise. He seems to be willing to help others and he still likes to have fun so it is a good combination.  How much time does your comp have on the mission?  1 month less than me.  When does your companionship change?  Will the new companion come in three weeks and then transfer out at the next on March 8th?  Yes in 3 or 4 weeks my comps replacement and my new comp will get here.  Then do you go the transfer after that or in two transfers?  I don’t know when I will leave the office, most likely is in two changes.

Were you ever able to get the deposit back from the Landlord who took the keys out of the missionary’s hands?  No I never got the deposit back

We travel to Bountiful today; Aunt Cris is going to quilt them for us to take to Mexico.  Are you just building normal concrete houses?  It is adobe brick and concrete will tie it together.  Adobe or just cinderblock it doesn’t take much for people to make cinderblock here in Honduras, and its super cheap.  I wish they made some things at home like they do in Honduras like concrete stairs outside they can make them beautifully out of concrete.  Could you build us a house before you come home to vacation in at the beach?  Yes it is called a tarp and 4 hammocks.  

My time is up we have a lesson at 6. I am thankful for all that you all do. Talk with you all next week.

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