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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 69 SPS

What spiritual experience did you have this week? My most spiritual experience this week had to have been on Tuesday we had 4 lessons: 2 with members and 2 lessons with inactive members. We are teaching about 3 investigators that have a real potential. One is a doctor she is really smart and just moved here.  Her boyfriend is a return missionary and she is really interested. She already had the scriptures downloaded on her phone. She came to church last week for the first two hours and then had to go and work and the week before she came just after sacrament meeting. The next investigator is E. he is more or less atheist and does not believe in God or anything; he says the bible is a fable.  But we watched a video with him and the spirit was present, this was also when he started to imagine his life as being a Christian. We asked him and he said he was thinking about his life being a Christian he said he had never thought that before. The last one is G., he is an Engineer of some sort and makes machines for packaging products and so forth, he is really cool.  He came to church and he likes the book of Mormon and he is reading a lot. He was traveling and couldn't come this Sunday but this or the next he will be back to church. It was really cool to see the progression of these people because many of the inactive people have been inactive for a lot of time but when they say “I am working on becoming active again in church” it just makes me happy.

Did you find the new apartment for the elder? I am not sure which elders you are talking about but there were some sisters that moved this week. There are about 5 houses at a time with problems that are in the process of finding a house and then moving and sometimes it is a big headache.

Do you like the office, or do you miss proselyting? Well we get to proselyte at night and that is kind of fun because it’s just the right amount of time. Plus, in our area, nobody is home during the day, so if we worked in the day, nobody would be there to open his or her houses up.

What did you do for New Years? Well I slept and woke up at 11.55 because the fireworks started to sound and took a video of this it wasn't as loud as Christmas, but it was enough that I couldn't sleep through it.

What are you studying right now? Well I just got to 3 Nephi so that means I will soon be getting to Christ’s visit here in the Americas. I am finishing with all the wars and contentions, finally.

Look what we did with the bunk beds.  No I didn't sleep on it, but it was really tall over 25 feet tall and we built it inside the house

Was that a ward or stake Christmas party?  It was our ward Christmas party.  We ate pork salad rolls and pastries like pumpkin pie and all sorts of stuff like that.

How is your health?  I feel good. Today I made the biggest mess two times. I decided we were going to see if the dishwasher in our house worked, so I filled it with dishes and just threw a couple spoon fills of laundry detergent in, the next thing I knew, foam was running all over the place.   I washed another batch, but I put less soap and it wasn't as bad, but still some bubbles still came out.  You do know that they make dishwashing detergent?  Yes but I wasn’t going to buy the detergent without knowing that the dishwasher works.  So for p-day did you just stay at your house and used the dishwasher?  Yes, that is it. I cleaned the kitchen. Good for you to clean kitchen. Yes it is better, but not there yet, it is just that no one else does anything. 

Yesterday, we ate at Inca Peruvian grill. I got sweet and sour chicken it was good, the sauce tasted just like wonton sauce that we make.  How much did that cost?  220 HNL. 

I am out of time and I have a lot of things to do. Love you all and talk to you next week.

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