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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 68 SPS

What did you have for Christmas dinner last night?  We ate in the house nothing was open.  That's too bad, what did you fix?  I fixed ham and cheese croissants.  For yourself or you and your comp?  Just for me, my comp ate a baleada.  Did you have baleada’s in the fridge, or did he make them?  We bought them in a drive through.  Did the other elders have invites to Christmas dinner?  Yes the other elders had Christmas dinner invites in wards, but nobody from our ward invited us.

For p-day went shopping and we didn’t do anything else we have done everything in SPS.  Today we ate at Orange Burger it was really good. 

Is there any interesting scheduled for this week?  No we just have to find some new missionary housing for the missionaries in Villanueva because the landlord just kicked us out because her family is going to live in the apartment.  Did she give you some notice about the apartment?  No not really, 5 days notice.  So she wants you out by the first of the month before rent is due?    Yes, but I had already started the payment for next month.  We talked her into the 10th of January and not the 1st.   The elders should find a new apartment, but they called me and said they found one that cost 8000 HNL a month when the budget is 2300 HNL.  They were thinking sweet apartment it probably had AC.  They have AC in their current apartment. 

Well my time is up for today; I have some things to do. Love you all it was fun to Skype with you yesterday. Have a good New Years and don’t blow many things up with fireworks.

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