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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 65 SPS

What was the spiritual experience of the week? I think it has had to have been one thing that I have been trying to change during this week I have been trying not to get as frustrated with the landlords while they are calling me because sometimes they wont even listen to you and they wont give you time to talk, when this happens sometimes I have to hang up. But I feel that I am lasting a longer time without getting frustrated, sometimes though the guards in this country really irritate me because they get mad at you for doing nothing and they wont let us in to go to our appointments sometimes. Also I get frustrated in the airport because they wont let anyone wait in the check in line that isn’t flying so I have to wait in the boonies until it gets to the point that they want to charge them for the extra bag and then I have to walk over there, why can’t I wait in the line.   So from now on, I will have my passport and I will say I am just here to buy a ticket so they can’t say anything. There are about the only things that frustrate me. But these things are small but I know with the Lords help I will be able to overcome or suppress these frustrations.  What are the landlords complaining about?  Why their money isn’t in their account and that’s during November, technically I have until the 5th of December to deposit it, and they all called before this day, which is was frustrating.  All I know is that the payments would have gotten there 3 days earlier if the church had posted a notice saying that no payments would be approved during thanksgiving time.  The Landlords signed a contract so they can’t say anything.  All the time but I just tell them read your contract, or I already have paid you.  Many of the landlords will call and say the payment hasn't arrived because they don't think to check who all of their payments have been from.

How many investigators came to church last week? 1 Investigator came to church last week and we didn't even know that it was our investigator but now we do and we will be visiting him and his family.

What was a challenge of the week? Well the biggest challenge of the week was when the East mission called me and told me that their truck was in the dealership for maintenance and well they couldn't pay at the end and couldn't get their car out, they called me and asked me if I had 20000 lempiras (900 $) in cash, I told them no. Their card was rejected and their mission president was not in town and couldn't pay for it so I had to pay for it. It was difficult because I wanted to pay with a check, and well I had to get the check certified and that was a process, but I now know how to get a check certified here in this country.  It requires 3 signatures from president D. Well I got it done and paid so they could get their car out for the weekend, they were happy and I learned something new.

What did you do for p day? Well we painted some in a house and we went to a store like home depot and we bought two new faucets and a sink so that my worker for the day could install it in a house that I have been repairing. We ate lunch at baleadas express and we are now writing.

Are you getting more comfortable with your responsibilities? I think so, I am starting to understand how to do everything but sometimes there is just not enough time do all that I need to do.

What is happening with the apartment fire?  Got the bid done to get it fixed, it was 7000 lempiras (315 $), so we will have it repaired.

How is your companion?  He is doing well, sometimes he is a little crazy and he sleeps all over.  He’s is an old man because he is 27.  27 is not old, is he a convert?  No he is not a convert?  He studied and graduated first before going on a mission. 

Did you get a new AP?  Yes, he came yesterday.  His name is Elder W. from Idaho. 

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