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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 67 SPS

How are you feeling?  Is your fever gone and the knee looking? Well as far as the health goes I am doing great there are no real problems right now the only thing I have left is a small cough but any day that should go away. The fever lasted until Monday morning and then it hasn't come back and it won’t come back. The knee looks good but sometimes it hurts a little but it is no big deal. Is your knee totally clear with no redness?  Yes my knee isn’t red or hot any more.

Has sister D. been taking good care of you? Yes she takes real good care of all the missionaries.

How was stake conference?  Did you get to meet elder D.?  Yes stake conference was good but it wasn't so good because I felt sick the whole time. We had a mission meeting with D. and it was interesting he has high expectations that are applicable in the perfect situation, it would be easier in business because you can control the influencing factors, in the mission, you can only do your part and if the other side of the equation does not do its part, you can’t force them to do anything.

I show your package arrived and did you open it? The package got here but I haven't opened it I was going to wait until Christmas to open it.

What was the spiritual experience of the week? It is a very long story for the spiritual experience, it all started like two weeks ago some missionaries went and looked at a new house because we told them to start looking because their house cost too much and they found a house.   The zone leaders went there they too approved it and well we said ok, I even went to the house and looked at it, it seemed fine. I got all the papers filled out and made a check and deposited it in the owners account and I told them that we would come and help them move in. Yesterday we went at 2 in the afternoon to move them and we got them moved but in the process we saw that there were a few younger chicas that lived next door and we decided to get to know the neighbors, from this point on I didn’t feel good about the house.  When I say next door, I mean in the apartment next door and well it was just a bad idea to put missionaries there. So we left and we when like 6 blocks and then I called President and explained it to him, he said “well then do what you need to do”, so we moved the missionaries back to their old house but before we moved them back we took hold of the opportunity to make the landlord think we didn’t want the house and I ended up bartering the price lower and changing a few things in the contract. She was charging us 4500 HNL a month, 500 HNL were to pay the lights and water, if they went over they had to pay the difference, they have only gone over 2 times in years so I figured that the dueno was pocketing money. I said we would pay light and water separately. We also talked her down 700 HNL to 3300 HNL it was really fun to barter with the lady in charge and then win my argument. So we got a good deal and will be there for the next year. But it was interesting to feel the difference in the spirit before we had moved them back to their old house and after we moved them back. I know that they are in the house they should be in because the spirit was strong.

What did you do for p-day? We went shopping in the most Americanized store here in SPS and I bought bread mustard and ham and cheese, it is just like a US super market.  I bought Cure 81 Ham and Provolone cheese and will be making some good hot sandwiches with this.   How much was the ham and cheese is that store in one of the malls?  No its is a huge store lets put it this way they even had the Indian sweet chili sauce that we like. The ham was like 5 bucks a pound sliced and the cheese was like 3 a pound.

What are your plans for Christmas?  Has a family invited you to their home? We have no plans for Christmas but I am sure that something will come up.   We have to go to the airport the 23rd and I need to go to Yojoa once or twice this week.

I am out of time right now but love you all and talk to you all later sorry, I haven't sent an email for everyone that has helped me out and given me things for Christmas but make sure to tell them all thanks for me. I really am thankful for all that they do for me. I just haven had time I have been busy all day.

Have you gotten the truck fixed?  No but I have permission and funds to do it by the church; there just hasn't been time.  Won't they give you a loaner car for a day?  No they wont but I am hoping that they give us our new truck and then we get the old one repaired.  Are you getting another vehicle?  We will get a new truck soon. This week we will start the process to get it. We will hit 90000 kilometers in the old one. How much is gas a liter?  I don’t know, all I know is it cost about 1000 HNL to fill the truck.  We drive a lot; I had to fill up the truck 10 times last month. For example, on Friday I woke up at 4 50 AM we left at 5 and we drove 1 and a half hours to Yojoa to pick up a missionary and we took him to the airport more than 3 hours driving time.  Why don't they take the bus to SPS and then you take them to the airport?  There isn’t a bus at this time in the morning and its what President told us to do.

My time is up, and I have to go really soon. I love you all and hope that you all have a good Christmas and don't buy too much. Make sure to have fun. I look forward to talking with you all this week I imagine on the 25.

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