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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week 64 SPS

Tell us about a spiritual experience you had this week? My most spiritual experience of this last week was really Sunday to see people come to church for the first time and actually have some progressing investigators, 3 people came to church so we will help them come along and get prepared to be baptized.

Did you go to any areas outside of SPS? No this week I stayed in SPS there was no need to leave.

Have you found time to get the truck fixed? No it is really hard to find the time needed to get the truck fixed because they all tell you three days because they prep it paint it and cure it. But here shortly I should find the time to get it done.

Did you have Thanksgiving dinner with the family from Arizona? My thanksgiving was really good if you want to see here is a picture of the people we ate with. Family M. invited us over to eat with them they are a very cool American family. Uno M. is in the purple shirt in the background. We ate well and we got to know the other family that is siting on the couch he is the U.S consulate, I’m not sure if that word exists in English. We ate the normal thanksgiving food turkey, ham, stuffing and vegetables and there were many deserts one of them being pumpkin pie.  It was very good and I left feeling very full.

Is this the week for new AP’s, or is it next week with transfers? No we will get a new AP the Sunday before changes so in a few weeks.

How is your health?  Are you having any symptoms from that amoeba? No i am fine I haven't had any problems I have a little rash but it will go away really fast.

What did you do for p-day? We went to Omoa, which is known as the home of the San Fernando Fort, built by the Spanish in the late 1700’s. Construction of "Castillo de San Fernando" began in 1759, in order to protect against the many attempts of foreign invasion and pervasive attacks by pirates. For lunch we ate really well, Elder J. from Colorado and I ordered a big plate and split it.  It was good but it was kind of hard to eat.  So did you drive to the beach today why did you go there?  We went there because that's where everyone else wanted to go I didn't drive there.  All of the office elders went.

Well I got an interesting call on Saturday morning and some missionaries told me how they had cooked on a grill some meat for thanksgiving, they put the coals out and went to bed, a few hours later they heard some weird sounds so they went up to their porch and their couch was on fire. This was the weirdest thing that happened, here is a picture.  Are your responsible for the couch?  I would say no because it wasn't in the contract. We never put things like that in the contract because we don't want to be responsible for them.  It's a good thing the houses are made of cinder block and wood or something worse could have happened to the missionaries.  Yes it is a good thing it burned a hole in the roof and the firefighters had to go and put it out. I am not sure how it started it could have been a outlet that was behind the couch that shorted out or it could have been the grill because it happened 2 hours after they had put water on the ashes.  Will the landlord kick them out?  No I don’t think he will kick us out now. Well I hope not, because the house is 8 hours from where I am, and I don’t want to travel that far.  That has now been confirmed; I just finished talking with them.  They didn't put the ashes out totally.  Are you responsible to pay for the damages in the repairs to the apartment?  Yes I will have to pay it all.

Ok well sorry I don’t have much time but I now have to go have a good week. Love you all.   What's happening today that you're running behind?  I am running behind like an hour. Yes that and I have to go to the terminal to send a package to Tegucigalpa and also I want to go to office depot.

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