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Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 57 Villaneuva

Yes when the power went out in the Internet café, the owner left.  When the power came back, on he realized he had locked his keys in so it took them a while to get the lock picked. 

How was the weather there this week? Well the weather this week was very hot but it seems to be raining a little more. Sometimes in the night I get cold so I always end up using my blanket.

How do you like this area?  Its a good area I just want to get to know the members so we can work with that but my cmp doesn’t really want to do that.  Would he rather go door to door?  Yes, he just isn’t super loving 

Did you do anything for p-day? Yes today we went to pulhapanzak or I’m not sure how to spell it. It was good although I had been there before. 5 went from our zone and we met another zone there.  I saw a few paintings that I liked in their gift store, the painter lives here in Villanueva, so I am going to contact him so he can paint me a cool picture and possibly reproduce a few pictures.  How much for the oil paintings?  They will cost about 25$ each.  Then we ate at Wendy’s.   What time do you usually get home?  We wont go home until 9 or 930 tonight.  We have 3 lessons to teach after this.

Did you have any new food this week?  This week we did ate the same thing every day I think, Chicken, rice and beans.

How was conference? The conference was good but we ended up watching it on an old TV one of those big CRT screens so it wasn’t the best quality, but it did the job. My favorite talks were from Elder Erying.  Did you watch it in English with subtitles or was it all translated. Did any of the members complain about not hearing talks in Spanish directly?  We watched it in English. No one complains all the members listened to the translation while we were in another room.  How many American elders were in there watching it?  Did all the Latinos go in the other room?  There were like 20 Americans and the Latinos where in another room.

How is your health? I am feeling fairly healthy. I don’t do exercise every night because sometimes I am tired from climbing the mountains. Is the rash on your legs better?  Yes it has gone away thankgoodness.

What was your spiritual experience for the week? The most spiritual experience of the week was definitely seeing the investigators progress and come to the conference; we had 6 investigators there. All are progressing and we should be able to see many of them get baptized. I just like to remember how important everyone is to the Lord and well, just to see them there makes my week.  
See Mosiah 28 verse 3. 
Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.
When the people don’t come it makes me sad. But that’s it. How many of your investigators are men or are there any families?  We had one guy that came and one little boy?  Who is your favorite investigator right now?  It would have to be uno S., he hasn’t come to church yet, but he really understands a lot.  What do you like about him?   First he can read, second he will pray at the end of the lesson. He has 2 kids one of them is like 20 days old. He is just super friendly. Does he have a wife?  Yes, but their not married.

They were 33 people to church last week in your old area that's from a blog of the Elder that took your place?  Good, that is ok but one time we had 60 so there wasn’t enough seats. 

Do you have a funny experience this week? The funniest thing that happened this week was that we were walking at night and there were some dogs that began to follow us. My comp took out the cell phone and used the light to try and scare them away and then he lost the phone in the rocks that we were walking on it was like a mountain trail and we never found it. Good thing we are getting a new phone tomorrow. 

How is your Spanish?  Some days its good, and some days its not perfect.
Do they celebrate Halloween in Honduras?  Not really, they are really scared of the whole witch thing and they say its satanic and a lot of stuff.  

Well it has been fun to talk sorry, I don’t have many good stories its because it is extremely boring sometimes. Tell Dean & Joan hi and thank you for the cookie spread that they sent me. It sounds like Joan is getting better slowly. Make sure you have fun. Sometimes I just want to do something fun like go and buy a smoothie or something, but there’s not time here, but here shortly there will be time.   Ok bye, my time is almost up. 

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