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Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 56 Villaneuva

Tell us your spiritual experience of the week? This week we were teaching a sister called P. G. and we taught her and it was good, we invited her to say the prayer and she said no. My comp helped her through the prayer and it was such a good prayer, the sister finished it and the tears were rolling down her cheeks.   The spirit in this instant was amazing. 

What did you do for p day? Well we just wasted the whole day. My comp slept along time and I washed my clothes.   At 10, I studied my scriptures and at 12 my comp got ready to go to a members house to wash his clothes in a washing machine. That took 2 hours and then we are writing and he wants to cut it short an hour to go and teach a lesson, I said no.  I bought an extension cord today so I can use the electric stove in the house on the bar and not on the ground.  We only have 1 table and use cardboard boxes to store things. And there is not even tile, just cement floors and the toilet leaks water all over and my companion does not speak English.

How are your investigators coming along? Do you think any will watch conference? I am sure that investigators will come to watch the conference especially because they don’t have to wake up early. This week that’s why many missed church, which is frustrating, and another investigator didn’t come because her mom told her the Mormons and the catholic church were joining together and they were the “Great and abominable church”. Well we told her the two churches would never combine and she struggled to understand. Some people just believe everything people tell them. We also taught Jehovah witness’s this week, one was an older leader, and the lesson went good.   We think that one of the testigo “witness” ladies that we have been teaching has doubts about her faith and we will see if she changes. All she has to do is humble herself and pray. 

How have the meals been last week? This week we have eaten fairly well on Sunday for lunch we ate fish that was good and it was different. One time our lunch lady gave us cow liver and it was terrible. 

How many people are in you ward?  What is the name of your ward so that I can find it on a   map? There are like 150 active members in this ward. It is called Villanueva ward.  Our area is huge and we have a fairly large part of the city. 

Tell us about one of your investigators. Well we have many investigators but only one came to church this Sunday. Well we are teaching hna Isabel. She didn’t come to church for the reasons I have discussed above. She knows this is the true church, she is just uneducated and she falls into a lot of traps from other people and there are always weird people visiting her house. We are teaching her with videos because she seems to understand them better. She has 3 sons one of them just tried to sneak into the USA but he got deported in Mexico. She prays and asks if the church is true while we are there and the spirit is there, so she knows it is true. 

Your picture of the moon looks better than ours; it was cloudy here and was hard to see.  How far did you hike?  We were on top of a mountain really high up; it was like the same distance as climbing Angels Landing in Zion’s. We had an appointment on top of this mountain.  It takes like 35 minutes and it is steep. I will try and send a video of just going to eat lunch every day.  The area is just really hilly.

Well my time is up, tell  everyone hello. Sorry I didn’t write much but I have to go. Love you all. 

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