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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 60 SPS

How was your week? Well it was very long. I went to the airport once and I have to go again tonight well really tomorrow at like 3 in the morning. President D. was sick so we have been managing things without him.  He has just had some stomach problems but he is getting over it fast. I have been to the hospital many times because we need back up, pretty much because there have been many missionaries with sicknesses this week. I also did many other things but they are too many to number. I just want you to read my journal entry from yesterday this is a day in the office. 

“Today was literally full of miracles.  We started early in the morning.  Our truck wouldn’t start, our battery was bad, and so we need someone to jump-start us.  So we opened up the garage door and walked a few houses.  I called a man out of his house and he was happy to come and help us.  We got it started and took some missionaries to the Mexican embassy, and then we went to buy them breakfast but on the way we realized that we didn’t have enough money to pay for breakfast, so we had to go the office, but we couldn’t turn off the truck because of the battery.  We had to get permission from the AP’s to separate and be on our own. Elder M. went up to the office and I sat down in the car.  After breakfast we had to go to the house to pick up more missionaries to take them to the office.  While we were there, Sister Dester pulled up.  We went with her, and the AP’s took the truck.  I did some work in the office, after we talked to Sister D. for a long time.  When the AP’s got to the, I went down with Elder M. & Elder C. and we left Elder M. in the office with Sister D. and 2 sister missionaries.  We went to Price Smart, and when we got there they wouldn’t let us in because we forgot the membership card.  We tried to convince them to just let us in but they wouldn’t.  As we were waiting at the door, a family entered and said “Hello Elders” I didn’t think much of about it.  After a while at the customer service, I said “I know someone in the store and they will let me buy the battery that we need using their card.”  So Elder J. and I set out through the store to find the family.  We found them and we got it all worked out and the battery changed in the truck.  Later I went to Villanueva with Elder Cutode to look at a house that we will be renting.  We are open a new area.  I dropped off the check and talked with the owner about what things he needed to fix and so forth.  We dropped off a lot of the things they need for the house and got on our way back from Villanueva.  We finished up few more things in the office and we left.  We walked down by city mall to catch a taxi.  We got one for 90 Lempiras to our area.  We got to our area, I got some money out of pocket and we got out of the car.  We walked to a few citas “lesson” and then I realized that I didn’t have my wallet.  I felt extremely discouraged to find out it was missing.  I said a few quick prayers.  We retraced our steps and we didn’t find the wallet, so we called the elders in the office to go and look for the taxi by the mall.  They went and talked with almost everyone and when they finished, a driver pulled up with the wallet and he gave it to them.  Today, I had 3 miracles in my life.  I know the Lord has protector angels around about me.  He lives and He guides our lives.”

Are you almost ready to be on your own?  No I am not quite ready but the thing is I have a phone so I can always call Elder M. if I have a question. I have been working on opening a new house getting the papers filled out and everything ready to open the area up. The landlord right now is repairing the house so it will be in good condition for the sister missionaries to live there.

So is your house in the area you teach and go to church?  Yes we have been teaching some new people and many understand its just hard for them to find time for us to come to their house.

Did you make it to the store last week? I bought a lot of breakfast items but I think I will be taking out some money to finish these 15 days because I spent a lot on breakfast food but it will pay off in the long run.

What did you do for p day? We played soccer we went to Altia mall in CastaƱos and we went to Maeco to buy stuff this is like downtown San Pedro and it is just full of people and street venders.

Where did you eat this week? This week we ate at the normal places: Subway, Turcos barato (they sell chicken), Carls Jr., and in the house of a member.

 Where was the restaurant with the really nice plates and rice?  It is by the office it is called Brasas y Carbon it was Peruvian food.

Did you get the house more organized?  Is it hard or easier with more roommates?  It is normal.  No I don’t do the dishes, we have a cleaning man that comes once a week to clean the house. One night this week we had some elders that were waiting for their Mexican visas that stayed with us in our house, they will be here until Monday. We also had an elder that had a staff infection and he stayed the night with us because there weren't buses at this hour to get back to his house.  This next week is transfers; we will pick up the new missionaries: the gringos we pick up on Monday and the Latinos will come in a bus. Then on Wednesday we begin taking people to the airport to go home.   Do you have to feed the new elders breakfast when they're in your house?  No they go and eat at Baleadas Express.

Does Sister D. come to the office every day?  No, she doesn't come every day but we seem to see her in the hospital all the time helping the missionaries.  Some elder was dehydration and they put 2 IV’s in him, and another had a staff infection.  Our mission nurse goes home on Thursday so we will have to help even more.

Is it starting to get to the rainy season yet?  Yes it is starting the rainy season.

Well I am out of time; I hope that everything goes well this week. Tell everyone hello. Thanks for talking with me and be safe and don’t forget to read your scriptures.

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