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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 58 SPS

Well you guys didn't know that I would be writing on this day and neither did I, but this week on Wednesday we were in a lesson and my comp answered a phone call from President Dester. He told my comp that there was a new missionary from Peru and he would be in the office tomorrow and that I had changes to the office so I could be trained to be the next financial secretary. So i said good bye to the family's that I had come to know in the short 3 weeks that I had in Villanueva and we got home at 9 o'clock at night and I packed my bags so I would be able to go the next day to the office. The next day came and all of the elders had interviews with President and we loaded up my stuff in his car and we came here to the office. My comp Elder R. got with his new companion that just came from Peru and they went back to Villanueva I ended up here in the office and from the get-go Elder M. began to teach me what I needed to know to be able to do this job. It’s one of the hardest things that has to be done in the mission.  So here I am learning its not too hard but there's a lot of stuff that I still don't remember. But it has been a good week. I had my first opportunity to drive here in Honduras on Wednesday it was really weird because I hadn't driven in along time.  We have been teaching some of the investigators we only get time in the night to go out and work but we have taught a few people and they really understand. We taught one lesson and the spirit was really present and the sister understood really well, her name was Sister M. 
The first day here I had to call President Dester like a lot of times because everything we do needs his permission or signature. I also was able to go and eat in City mall wow it is nice in there. We don’t have anyone that gives us lunch so we have to almost always buy it. Today for P-Day we went and played soccer in the ward building Jardines del Valle. Then we went and moved a neighbor into the house. Then we got showered and dressed and then we went to eat at Denny’s and then we came to the office to write.  I hope you all get this and can respond, if not no worries next week I will email on Saturday. So I’m the new financial secretary. 

From Elder Olsen

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