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Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 100 Ocotepeque

How was your week? It was a really good week we have had a lot of fun, we have walked a lot and it has been hot and some nights the power has gone out so we have spent a lot of time without light. People are animated and so are we. 

How was church, and your visit with the president. It was great. 38 people came to church, the president’s wife came and they stayed the night in Santa Rosa.  We are thankful that people from the district have been coming to visit the branch. This is helping the branch president and everyone else feel supported in their callings.  Did president talk about BYU with you?  No we just talked about the area and that I will be going to the office on the 10th after a zone meeting, so I wont have to travel so much.  We just live so far away and things just work out better if I go on the tenth after a meeting in la Entrada then on the 12th I would have to go for my last interview, then again to get there to go home on the 17 that’s like over 30 hours in the bus so we are just going to go on the 10 and work with the office elders. 

Tell us about an investigator you are working with. Well we are teaching 2 guys that are in their 20’s, they are really cool. They understand everything really well and well one of them after teaching the restoration asked us what happens with families after this life. Truly the only problem is that there are no other members their age to help them. But we decided that this is why there are 2 of them so one will hold on to the other when they get baptized. 

Spiritual experience. Truly it was great to have interviews with President and well one just feels great and animated after talking with him. He is very funny and likes jokes. He is really funny just and observant he talks a lot with his eyes closed but his talk this Sunday in sacrament meeting was great, he talked about the unity. Well I would have to say that the most spiritual time I have had this week was pondering a bit about my patriarchal blessing what a cool thing it is to have this guide in our lives. 

What did you do for p-day? Washed all of our clothes and we went to the Guatemala border but this time they wouldn’t let us take pictures near the boarder so it was a waste of time to get there. 

What did you do to celebrate your birthday?  Nothing special. We ate at hot food where we eat every day but it is the best that there is here in Ocotepeque. 

Is your back feeling better at all?  Yes it feels better for the most part. 

Love you all and talk to you next Monday. Be safe and have fun. 

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