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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 101 Ocotopeque

What was your spiritual experience for the week? Well we had been teaching family for a while, and we found out this week that the father is inactive and he hadn’t told us. It is amazing to see how the Lord guides us to know whom we need to teach and he guides us in finding all of the investigators that need to hear this message.

Do you have any investigators that are getting close to baptism? Well truly there are 2 potential investigators at this point 2 that have come to church but we haven’t been able to find them to teach them yet. 

Next Saturday you will be in the office, so does that mean your p-day will be Saturday instead of Monday?  What do you think you will do back in the office for the last week?  I will work in the office it is really unorganized.  How are you traveling to the office?  I will ride back with the AP’s and Pres. and his wife.  That will be a cramped car ride and smelly with you three elders.  Oh no, his car is big and it has AC.

I sound like a Tropical storm brush over Honduras; did you see a lot more rain last week? Yes it rained a lot, especially the night that the hurricane passed over us it rained but nothing else all night long. It is raining today as well. Almost every day here it has rained. 

How are you feeling?  I feel fine. This week I just have a cold but it is almost gone. 

So will you be packing tomorrow and saying goodbye.  No I will say goodbye to like 3 families. We have some lessons tomorrow and well I already packed today.  Are you giving any of your clothes to people in Ocotepeque or leaving it in the office apt?  No I have given almost everything away, I just have 2 shirts and 2 pants. 

Also this week I found an ironsmith and he is hand pounding me an axe for 100 lempiras.  Could you send me a picture of the raiders information year and model?   I think I might bring home the parts to fix the motor.  I see them a lot here, we went to the shop of our branch president and he was repairing one from the 90’s.

Love you all see you next week.  Thanks for all that you have done for me. 

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