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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 90 SPS

What are you having for lunch today?  Well I am eating in my favorite place where I eat almost every day, Baliadas buffet

Looks like good food.  It only costs 66 HNL(2.93$) and I get a natural drink.

How was eating with Pre. D?  It was good. He had packed up that day and all of his things were ready for the movers to come and put it into a crate. The power went out while we were there but it was great food because sister D. knows how to cook. It was fun just to hear some more of the stories that president has.  What did she cook?  She fixed Salad, Bread and Lasagna.

We are bargain shopping today at Lowes; Don’t you wish you were shopping?  Yes, but I have spent thousands this week shopping.  This week we bought lots of stuff for the mission and we have been learning more about purchasing the products that the mission needs. Like fridges, Sheets, Pillows and everything else that you could think of.

Any cause of the fire?  Well I have the report from the investigation and they say it was the fan that started the fire.  Are you responsible for the repair or insurance?  We still don't know so we just had to pay the rent for next month so we have another month to figure things out.  

Will the Doctor be baptized today? Yes today at 6 she will be baptized I will send pictures next week.   We have to be there by 5:30 for the baptism today.

How did your week go? It was long and sometimes frustrating to try and teach.  My biggest fear is that when I am gone he isn't going to know what to do and when to do it, but he is learning so it will be OK.

Did you get to eat any new and fun places this week? No we haven't eaten in any interesting or fun places this week.

What was a spiritual experience you had this week. Well I think that would be a hard one to answer but it would have had to been the joy that I felt when hna M. came out of her baptismal interview and she passed. It was just a great feeling to know that she is ready to be baptized. We started to fill out the baptismal record and well the lights went out and it was completely dark and the emergency lights in the ward building started to go out one by one until the point where we had to use phones to light up the area to fill it out. Well obviously someone wants to make it hard for her baptism to happen.

How was the weather this week? It has always been hot we are living in an oven the worst is when you turn the shower on and burning hot water comes out.

How is your health? I feel good I have had a small cough for a while though. But it will be interesting to see how the change of going back out to work everyday will be for me. I am excited but nervous at the same time to leave the office.  Are you going to miss driving for three months?  Just a bit but not too much.  I have to speak tomorrow in church.  How long is the talk.  10 minutes. 

Are you still there?  Yes, but I am out of time. Sorry for the abrupt pause. Love you all and look forward to writing next Monday not this one but the next one.

Elder Olsen

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