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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 88 SPS

Did you see the pictures?  Yes, whose house is burnt down?  That was what happened while we were skyping last Saturday in some missionary housing.  You must be the fastest response crew for a fire.

 I didn't even go, my replacement and Elder P. went, I was eating lunch and it was really good and I stayed at lunch. And after lunch we went and found a new house.  What was the cause was it the missionaries fault?  They were at lunch and the fire is supposedly accidental. We still don't have the official report from the fire fighters hopefully on Tuesday they will give it to us.  This one looks a lot worse than last time.  That is too bad, did they loose most of their personal items. They lost everything.  Could we send some money for the Elders?  The mission bought them all new clothes and suitcases. 

What was the spiritual experience of the week? Truly I can’t think of a really impacting experience but I can tell you that I know that the Lord guides us. It was probably one of the hardest situations I have had to face and I had no idea what to do or what to tell the landlord. It all turned our good; we had to have been guided by the spirit. I told him that we wouldn't live in that house from that time and on the day that the apartment burned down. He came to the office and again I didn't know what to tell him but we just assured him that all would eventually be OK. So we will see what we do this week. I think we are going to make the building management company take control because I don't want to make the landlord mad.

What did you do for p day this week? We went to a museum that I had already been to, we ate at McDonald and that was it.

Did you make it out to eat this week? We really didn't eat anything good this week. It was normal we will see what we eat next week.

How is the training going for you replacement? Yesterday we had a Pre Audit and everything went OK. The first week in June people from Guatemala will be here to audit us. Will you be gone before the auditors come? Yes, but I think I will probably come back for that day.

Did the doctor make it to church last week? No she didn't come. That was disappointing, but in the future hopefully.  

Talk to you all next week. Love you.

Elder Olsen

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