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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 79 SPS

Can you relate any spiritual experiences from the week? Well as I said they are always really small. I just had one a few minutes ago. I was sitting here on the computer just verifying that all the missionaries were going to receive money for the next 15 days and it came up to the number 181 and there are 182 missionaries in the mission. I just sat here for a second and I felt like it was Elder L. P., I looked it up and it was this elder that was missing from the list. This had to be revelation because it came from nowhere, 1 in 182 and the exact name came to my head. Wow, really cool things do happen in the mission.

What gift card could we get Elder P. for bringing home your trinkets? I would just say we should take him out to tandoori oven when he gets to Logan he really likes that. I just sent one small picture frame with a feather inside that I thought was cool. I just decided, I will bring all my things home when I finish.

How is it being in a twosome again?  It will be short lived, as you replacement should be there in about four weeks. It is interesting; right now I don't get much time to talk in the lessons.   My comp is great but he talks forever. It is better because you can make a decision on where to eat a lot faster and it is easier to teach.
Goodby Elder C.

How are the excel sheet coming along.  Did you get the ones finished that you wanted to before transfers? No I haven't had time to work on them, we have been so busy going to the airport and doing that there has been no time.

What did you do for p-day.  Is there an indoor soccer field that you could go play at and enjoy some exercise? We went to the airport for the second p day in a row.

Did you try any new foods this week? No we didn't try any new foods this week hopefully some of the other Elders will want to try something new next week.

How is the weather today?  It looks very hot. It is hot all the time now. I almost couldn’t sleep last night I was baking hot.  So is there any rain at night or is it the dry hot season starting?  The hot and dry season is starting.

Have you set a baptism date for the doctor?  No we haven't had time to visit her and she hasn't had time to visit with us.

How was saying goodbye to 2 of your companions?  Good.  Did Elder P sleep at your house the night before he came home?  Yes he stayed there that night.  Was your house dirty after they all left?  They just left some garbage in the house like all the missionaries do.   How many extra bunk beds do you have in the house?  We have like 10, and 10 more not set up, that we could put up to sleep over 40 people.  Was this one of the biggest transfers, or about normal?  It was normal, like 18 or 19 new missionaries.   Are you keeping the same number of missionaries or are you opening or closing areas?  We are keeping about the same number.  Are you done with airport trips for a while?  I hope so.  How many trips total to the airport this week and why did you have to go today?  I have been to the airport over 5 times this week; today we had to take another missionary.  What time did the American elders leave on their flights?  Usually at 12:50.  Do they fly Delta or American?  They fly both.  How long does it take to get the airport and who usually drives?  I drive, and it usually takes like 15 to 30 minutes. 

Love you all too. I will try and look for my camera this week.

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