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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 80 SPS

How was your week? My week was long sometimes, I just want to leave the office and go to a normal area where you don't have to worry about anything but wake up and work and get home at night and sleep, it is so much easier that way. Overall we have accomplished a lot this week but we have been very busy with many weird cases and things to buy from fridges to Dollies for boxes we have bought it all. I am tired and just want to rest for a second but there is no time. Not even at night we get home and we plan and then there is no time for anything else I end up getting to bed at 11:30 every night because I have to read my scriptures for the day or do something important.

Do you have any new investigators? This week we haven't found anyone new yet. We got a reference from some other missionaries saying that a person who was now living in our area had received the missionaries before and wanted to get baptized. He gave us the name, the address and the phone number. The phone number was wrong for some reason and the address was confusing. We found the house after a couple days and then we tried to contact her and she never was there or she didn't answer. So we just decided that we were going to give a pamphlet to the guards in this street and when they saw her, we asked that they give the pamphlet to her. She got the pamphlet and a few days later found some other missionaries walking through our area and she gave them her telephone number, we finally talked with her and we have an appointment planned for Monday at 4. It is interesting to see how many times things just work our even though we couldn't contact her the lord put others in the way to help us find her.

How has the weather been? It has been really hot and humid it is close to the hottest part of the year right now.

Will you be OK carting the stuff that you purchased around, or should we see about sending something home with dip shipping? Yes I don't have that much stuff it easily fits in my suitcase. I talked with a guy from dip ship when he came here to the office to drop off the package that you sent for Easter.

What was a spiritual experience from this week?
They are always really small experiences that we have. This week there were several small experiences. I will share two. The first one happened last Sunday when the Hna M.
showed up to the second hour of church. She has to make such a sacrifice to come, it is amazing, she has to know that it is true and she is ready to be baptized.   We are just waiting for her to come to sacrament meeting two more times. We have a lesson with her tomorrow and it should be good we are going to have some members come. The other was, one night all of our lessons fell through so we just sat down for a few minutes and began to call all of the numbers we have in our phones to find someone to visit. It is hard to just show up to someone’s house in this area because it is so enclosed and there are lots of guards. We called Hna G. one of our investigators and he said we could go and visit him right then. We had a lesson, in the super short amount of time we had in our area. What a miracle. He has a desire to know if the church is true, he has even come to church; he just needs to understand the answers to his prayers. It will come overtime if he begins to keep all the invitations that we leave behind.

Tell us about something that made you laugh this week. Well the trip to Cop├ín that we made today was pretty funny. Every so often there are some cones in the road and there are police there. On one of these I passed a car and then entered into the lane to pass the police and they got real mad and tried to stop me, he waved his hand but I didn't understand so I kept on going a bit then I stopped and backed up. The police guy was mad and he wanted to give me a ticket, he asked for my license and the registration and everything so I gave it to him. He was set on giving me a ticket and he just started to write it. I looked at the other elders and I said I am going to talk him out of it. I said my quick prayer, and thought for a second.  I looked back at him and said “I have a question, where do I have to pay it.”  He said in Santa Rosa de Copan and he would retain my license. I said OK, could I just pay you. You have got to look how genius this question is because it isn't technically a bribe it is a good question because I didn't know.  He said no. The must be the first police officer that isn't corrupt here in Honduras. So I asked “how would I get my license back?”   He said it would end up in Tegucigalpa. OK in this moment I was thinking O boy. I think I just talked him out of giving me a ticket.  Well I didn't know there aren't lines on the road to tell me where and were I can and can’t be. So he called over the other guy in charge and I explained to him about the lines and he asked the other guy if he had written the ticket yet and he said not completely. The one police officer convinced the other officer that I didn't deserve a ticket and they let me off yet another time, we were saved again. I gave them both cards from the church from Christmas and we drove off.  The funny part is that all the buses can pass in whatever place and they don't get in trouble. But it is what it is. I just look back and say wow weren't we blessed today.

How is the companionship going?  Good my companion is very old he just had a birthday and turned 28. He doesn’t quite know what he is doing yet,  so it takes him along time to do everything but he will get faster with time.

Did you eat any good food this week?  Not really, just the usual, Chicken wings and Chinese food.

OK sounds good. I have to go. Love you all and have a good time on your trip to Mexico. See you later. 

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