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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 63 & 64 SPS

How has your last 2 weeks been? Well my 2 weeks have been long that's all that I can tell you, we have had so many things to do and we have had to wake up early so many times it is crazy. In the last 2 weeks, 3 missionaries have returned to their houses because of sicknesses so I have been to the airport 3 times. Only once did we have to go at 4 in the morning so it hasn't been too bad.  I am still learning so many new things because every day I am put into a new situation.

What did you do for p day?
Last p-day we dropped off a fridge and then went to the ruins at Copan.  So it was a work play trip?  Yes, but I didn’t want to enter the ruins because it costs a lot, but I did it anyway because all of the other Elders wanted to go. Did the police stop you on the road to Copan; I read they do a lot of road check?  Yes it is always different and there is always angry people calling me. 

This p-day we ran errands mailing things and also we went to Villanueva to drop off a paper with one of President Dester’s counselors and then we went to Aldea El Caramen to drop off a mission call but they changed the place and we had to go back to the Benque to drop it off. Nothing else really special or interesting has happened.

How are your investigators doing? They are doing good, one of them has come to church 3 Sundays in a row but she always gets there for the second hour because she is busy the first hour, but I think as we help her she will learn how to make the preparations so that she will be able to come to church.

Tell us something funny that happened this week. It wasn't funny but on Monday we celebrated my companion’s birthday we ate a really good chocolate cake.

Did you get the truck fixed? I haven’t gotten it fixed yet but I have finally filled out all the forms and have approval to fix it with the budgets I have.   I got some quotes this week, I just need to find some time so they can fix it.

What did you eat at the mall this week? I ate Burwings one time and we ate at Hasta La Pasta, it was really good, we also have eaten at subway and all the places you can imagine we probably ate there.

Have you taken any trips to the hospital this week with missionaries? No I haven’t had to go;  Hna E. is not a nurse but she is acting in the spot of the nurse until we get one in the new changes. 

Today we went to a baptism that the APs had it was interesting I had to give a talk with almost no notice. The water in the baptismal font was green but we went on with the baptism and Hna Santos got baptized. 

I think for thanksgiving dinner we will eat in a family's house that is in the same building as president D’s.  They are members of the church and there from Arizona, they are still learning to speak Spanish.  The family does work; he is in charge of a call center. I’m not sure what day we would do it.  How old are these people from Arizona and do the have kids?  They are a family, and they only have daughters, from like 10 years and up to 23 I would guess.

How was the pizza?  Wow the pizza was really good and elder Jones got a shrimp pasta that looked really good too.  We thought you might eat the pasta. Is it close to the office?  Yes it is like 5 blocks from the office.  Well it was Italian food, it wasn’t too expensive the pizza and soda and salad and dessert cost 175 lempira.

Are you going to get your residency worked out ever?  I don't know about the residency the government is corrupt and they just want to not give it to us because they charge each of us a 20 dollars a month to be here, but if we had residence they couldn't charge us. The older missionaries were able to establish residency but from my group on, no one had been able to.

How are things going in the office? It’s fun at times and stressful too at times
How is President D. now that your trainer has left the office to go back into the field?  It is interesting to have to call him sometimes and I seem to always need him to sign things but it is very interesting to get to know him and some more of his life as told by sister D.has been fun. He is so patient and sometimes I am amazed that he can have so many subjects in his mind at once.

How soon do the assistants to the president change in the mission?  We will get a new assistant in 2 weeks and possibly a new general secretary.
Who is the companion to the general secretary?  Elder C.  What are his responsibilities in the office?  He sends packages to people and puts in baptism information.  What is his title?  RUTA Secretary  (RUTA means mail secretary)

What took you so long to respond to our last question? I was making some financial arrangements for an elder who had been robbed on a bus. 

I have to go, have a good week. Love you all.

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