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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 62 SPS

How has your first week alone been did you make a lot of calls for help? It has been hectic because there is always strange things that happen for example one landlord called me and said we had a debt of 22 months of water, another called me asking for money and he almost threatened me, but we didn't pay him because he didn't pay his water debt. In the end I paid him because he said he got it worked out and it is better for the security of the missionaries.  How much was the water bill?  It was 660 lempiras, what a blessing that was.

Are you finding investigators to teach? Yes yesterday we received a reference from a contact that we made and the sister was very receptive and wanted to hear our message (she is a lawyer). We are going back tonight to share more. Her daughter came to church for along time but never got baptized she doesn't go now.   How many investigators do you have now?  Like 4. 

Today we went to Pulhapanzak Falls. We drove there and it was fun and we saw a lot of tourists there it was kind of fun to see this but there are some weird styles among some of the American tourists here.  Did any of the Americans talk to you at the falls?  No because we were all speaking Spanish.  What do the Americans dress like?  Just weird.  Like Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts?  Yes clothes like that.  Were they on a bus tour?  Yes on a bus tour, they all did the zip line and then the cave tours

This week we ate at Denny’s and I ate lunch three days in a row in the same place we call it Turcos Barrato it is a lot of really good food and it only costs 45 HNL.  How is the cereal holding up?  Good I bought another bag.  Do you eat it for breakfast and late night snack?     Yes almost every day I eat a bow of cereal and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and dinner.

Biggest challenge you had this week? Figuring out what to do after a taxi hit us in the car. We were going to the bank and we were pulling in and a taxi hit the side of us. It was the biggest joke. He was stopped on the side of the curb dropped off a passenger we were turning in front of him and then he gunned it from a stopped position and hit us in the side. It was totally his fault but he just lied up a storm. Elder Nuñez who was with me, told me about the whole fiasco when this happened to Elder Markus and it took a month to figure things out and many trips to the court house and they took away his license and told him he needed to take a Honduras driving class, I didn’t want to deal with all that.  The taxi’s other bumper was already missing and the bumper that was on there didn’t even have nuts to hold it on, it had wire and string.  

We went to the airport once this week.  I drove there and Sister Dester took 2 sister missionaries with her in her car. We were just there for the migration things.  We helped them with bags and help them get their tickets and pay for the extra bags, well Sister Dester paid because I don’t have much credit left on the mission card.  So why is your credit card maxed out when does it get paid off?  It started on the 24 of last month.  It’s only two weeks into the cycle you must be having a lot of expenditures.   Yes I bought an airplane ticket in the airport; it was the only thing we could do in the moment to get the missionary home. I also had to pay for 4 extra bags.  Too much cheese in the luggage?  Yes that’s true, Sister Dester laughed when we told her this story.

Is it raining a lot now that it is the wet season?  At night it rains but it is still super hot.

You should try and send some thing home thru dip shipping while you can drive a bit.   I will in five weeks because I will have time down there by dip shipping.  A few days before the missionaries finish their mission we go to Guamilito, which is where the shipping place is.  The missionaries buy things to take home. The big wood thing I sent home came from there.

Bye, I love you all.

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