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Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 54 La Jutosa

What was your spiritual experience for the week? The most spiritual experience this week had to be sacrament meeting. It is awesome because it is a time to reflect on what hard work you have done that week and see progress of God’s children. I was very happy and filled with the spirit to see that we had 4 investigators in sacrament meeting and that 3 were men and 1 woman.   It is good to see hna C. progressing as well, she got a calling and she taught relief society and it was good.

What was a funny experience that happened to you this week? Well a funny experience for this week was when we were helping our investigator a principle of a school make a outdoor fire place stove thing and we put rocks and mud and a lot of other things of course on Sunday but we were helping him and my companion was talking about a member and the principal said that this member hadn’t followed through with something on Saturday and he was mad and he wanted to come and play soccer with us to play against him and beat him. My comp tried to say para ganar venganza but he said para ganar vergaso and this is like a really fowl word and he said it and it was really funny. 

What did you do for p-day? Today for p- day we went to Puerto Cortes and we played football on a beach called Cinegita and it was really fun I was on a roll and caught the ball a lot. 

When does the call for transfers come through? Well the call for transfers came through like an hour ago. And the news is that I have transfers. I don’t know where I will be going but I know that I have transfers.  On Wednesday I get on a bus go to a building and they will tell me where I go. Does anyone else in your area have transfers?  Yes elder Bate has transfers.  Elder B. is the elder that dad met when he came here, who was just starting his mission, he was working in La Mora.  Which area of the mission haven't you been in yet?  There are a lot of areas: Cofradia, San Pedro, Fesitran, Santa Barbara and more that I don’t remember.  One of the blogs I read they had AC in their apartment, I think it was in Cofradia.  There’s a lot with AC, but I haven’t lucked out with one. 

What have you been studying in the scriptures this week? I have been studying in Mosiah, I have 2 chapters left but the most interesting thing I read was about the BYU center in Israel and how we bargained for that instead of having missionaries proselyting, it is interesting how the missionary work comes about through this center. I use a study book and this was very interesting. 

How has your health been this week? Well I still have this crazy irritation on my legs and it burns I put on some other creams I have and it went down a little but I think that I will call the nurse here soon so that I can get what I need. I think that it is the water so we will see in my next area. 

Tell us about somebody you taught this week. We taught P. R. and he was really happy he is progressing and he has now come to church 2 times he is not married but would like to. He always shares about how he has been reading and he feels that this is the true church and that the book of Mormon it true. I feel that we will see some progress in him and he will eventually be baptized. Hno P. is the older man that I talked about last week who has like 10 children.  He and his brother came to church, but none of their children or grandchildren. The brother wants to be baptized. 

What have you had for food this week? Nothing too strange we ate fish a few times and then one day I made Jugo de Cacoa and it was good, there are pictures, and it is in the glass pitcher that I finally won from buying milk. It is sweet; it only took me a month to win it. 

Tell us about the pig picture.  The pig was asleep and I snuck up on it.

I bought a wood box but they haven’t finished it, but they will have it tomorrow.  How much was the box?  The box cost 1500 Lempiras and it is 1 X 1.5 FT. 

What about the picture of the beetle hanging?  OH we were teaching a lesson and I saw a guy walk out of his house and hang it up and I was distracted so I looked at it and it was alive, so after the lesson with an inactive member we went and took pictures. They said there’s a lot that eat banana plants. 

Well my time is up. I will tell you all next week where my transfer was to. Love you all, and tell Joan I hope she gets better soon. I will try and take some good pictures with my new comp we will see if he is a Gringo or a Latino. 

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