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Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 45 La Jutosa

Did you have the dual baptism this week? No we only ended up baptizing one person this week. But it was a dual baptism in a sense because we had 2 baptisms, one that was just for the branch and the other that was for the mission. I had the opportunity to baptize A. I. C. E. it was a very cool experience because he is only 9, but he is super responsible. No one in his family makes him do anything but he will come to church without anyone.   He will stay home if his family goes out of town just to go to church and this is something very cool about him. He was so happy and I felt very happy to see him as the newest member of the branch.

Tell us about some of the food you ate this week. This week I think that one of our investigators gave us pork liver or kidney from a pig that she had killed in the mountain it was terrible, but we choked it down. Other than that we have just eaten normal things. 

Were you able to do any service this week? Yes one day we went and chopped or weeded with machetes and it was pretty fun. I like weeding, it is pretty fun because I use the machete to do everything and I just end up having to pick up the weeds after. After, the family gave us pizza that they had made in a wood oven and it was really good for pizza in Honduras. 

What did you do for p-day? For p-day we just cleaned a little in the house and then we came down to Choloma, ate at burger king and we then went ant got with other elders. One of the elders only has 5 days left so it was his last p-day and we just went to pizza hut and well we split a big pizza combo. It was good. 

Did your companion go see the doctor? No he didn’t go to see the doctor but we will see because he is going to start to run out of the pills that the doctor had him taking to prevent the migraines. I think that my fungus had finally gone away and the treatment that I was on will end here in 2 more days. 

Have you talked to the mission president about coming home a little early for school? I have, he keeps saying that he will send me my return date but it hasn’t happened yet so I just emailed him to remind him.   Hopefully next week I will know and then we will be able to see if I need to come home early. 

What was your spiritual experience for the week?  I think that the most spiritual experience of the week was starting to see progress in new investigators this Sunday, because there were 3 in the sacrament meeting and they are smart and can progress if they receive an answer to their prayers. It is very interesting because here the people don’t try and combat the Book of Mormon and say that it is impossible because you can’t add to the Bible, but they accept it and just say thanks that is something that I really didn’t know. I know that the Lord has Elder P. and me here for a purpose and I really think that we are doing something good because we are starting to meet some more of our goals. 

Is that an avocado in the picture?  Yes that’s an avocado from the tree above our house. That thing fell and hit the roof and it scared us really bad because it was loud.  Were you able to eat it?  We gave it to our lunch cook and well it kind of bit us in the butt because she has started to give us a lot more avocado.

Well I ran out of money as I always do when I have to buy shampoo, its crazy because it happens to everyone there’s not money if you buy shampoo. Well I bought lotion, shampoo and body wash. It cost me over 25 bucks. 

We camped like 3 nights this week because the power went out so we have to come back to the house but there’s nothing to do and nothing to eat so we just watched meet the Mormons and we went to bed.  Did you do any cooking this week?  no there almost wasn’t ever power to do anything and I don’t want to cook on a fire.   They’re building a hydroelectric dam above our house and below they’re building a big coal fueled power plant. 

What is the picture with your companion swings over the river?  We looked for a spot in the river to baptize and we didn’t find any good places and this was while we were looking, he wanted a picture on the swing over the water.  So where did you baptize.  In a ward building called La Ceden it is in Choloma on the way to Puerto. We used the bus to get there and the branch president took all the people there in his pickup truck.

But thanks for talking with me, hope that you will have a good week. I hope that we will begin to see more progress here in the big snail that what La Jutosa means so love you all and be safe. 

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