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Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 36 Santa Ana

What was your spiritual experience for the week? I think that one of the spiritual experiences form this week was this Sunday when 8 investigators came to the sacrament meeting and then after to get them all to their classes. I felt the fruits that my labors have produced. We worked really hard to invite them all and then pass by the houses of some of them. I know that the people can progress. It was very interesting explaining the sacrament really fast when we had an investigator that has a question. He arrived just before the sacrament like 30 seconds before we finished the Hymn so I got up and went the help him come in to the building because he was standing in front like a lost dog but he came in and all was well and all of the members want to help the investigators so they invite him to things which is really good. Because usually the members don't want to do anything because all of this is the job of the missionary's at least some think that way so I am really excited to see the change that is coming about here in Honduras. 

Have you heard about transfers yet? I haven't heard anything about transfers yet because we are emailing a little earlier than usually but I t think in the night I will know but I am not sure. Jump on the computer tonight and tell us if you are transferred.  We will see if there is an opportunity and if not well it’s a surprise. 

Did you do any service this week? We did a lot of small things for service but they were small and I don't remember them. But we were going to paint a kindergarten but they hadn't bought the paint so we couldn't do that. 

This week I made rice crispy treats

Did anything funny happen this week? Yes there was a guy that was drunk that cornered us.   On accident, he spit in my comps face when he was talking and he was just funny first he started out talking about his wife and how he bought shrimp to cook for Mother’s Day and then a lot of other things like his education and all of that, he said “I am a mechanic” and then like 3 minutes later he said he was a Chef, it was really funny. He then got into it about Joseph smith saying that he killed million Jews and a lot of other things like this. He thought Joseph Smith was Hitler. We finally got loose and my companion started to walk away and the guy followed me down and told me that my comp gets mad really easy. We went to the house. When we were leaving the house with a member the drunk followed us down saying “I cooked the dinner for you”.  He was running following us screaming this, and then later he started screaming, “don't betray me”. It was really funny and we started to run because he followed us a couple of blocks. 

Do you have any baptisms scheduled? We don't have any baptisms scheduled but we are waiting on family's to get married so we can baptize them. 

Did you go to the Lunch cook's son's baptism? Yes we had to fill the baptism font and then we went to the baptism, it was good and lots and lots of people came for the baptism.

How big is that spider?  The spider is big it is the size of half my fist.  No this is the first tarantula that I have seen. 

 The dog is a great dane and its really friendly.   

This week the Church is doing “A week of the Family” we are doing activities every night.  We are in charge of tonight’s activity.  How many people will come to the activity tonight?  We have a 50-dollar budget for the activity for 70 people.  Did you buy the treats or what did you spend the money on.  We bought Tajadas, Drinks and ground meat on top. We had the wife of the bishop make it all. 

Ok I will have more to say next week and I should have more pictures of the families here if I have transfers.  But love you all and it was really fun to talk to you all. I hope that you guys will be able to have another year and 4 months without me. 

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