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Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 35 Santa Ana

How was you week? My week was good. I don’t feel like I did that much because we didn’t work all the week the first few days my companion was in so much pain from the wisdon tooth that he couldn’t even walk or think. His face was really inflamed and one day when we got money he bought a diclophenaco to help with the pain he couldn’t feel anything but at least we could work. So we did some visits. On another day I went and did divisions with one of the other companionships in La Sabillon and I was with Elder A. and it was really fun because we worked hard and had a lot of success.  Another day I did divisions in my area and another Elder from our district who came to be with me. I was with Elder A. and it was a little slower here but we still had success and we finally had a full day to work here in the area.  

Are transfers next week? Transfers are not next week but they will be the next Wednesday after that. So possibly only have 9 days left here in this area. I am not very excited to possibly go but I feel like I have contacted every house in the area. Many streets I have contacted every person and it is hard to contact the same houses again.   I figured one more transfer there, but dad thinks you will be transferred.  I have 4 and half months here and there’s only one person in the zone that has 6 months in their area, so we will see what happens because if I stay another I will finish with 6 months here. 

What was your spiritual experience for the week? I think one of the most spiritual experiences this week was that this Sunday that we had a whole family come to the church. Hna C. and her Husband who is inactive and then his brother and his wife who isnt a member and then 4 more people form the family. And the mom got up onfront of all of the people and bore her testimony about how she had been praying that one day she could finally see her whole family in the church together. Well it was verry powerful and this was the time during the week that i felt the spirit the most. Hna C had a baptism date but she hasn’t gotten married yet but we are making progress and I am sure that they will come around and follow the straight and narrow path. We were fasting and it was really hard because it was hot. 

What was a funny experience for the week?  Well I don’t think that there was a funny experience this week that I can think of. But we always do stupid things. If you want to see a cool video we watched one of the members cross this big train bridge there’s a video if you want to see. 

Is it the same families that feed you every week, or do a lot of families feed you? 
Are the mangos free now?  There are a lot of mangos; I just haven’t been using them. I just don’t have time to make juice or smoothies with them. But there are a lot because we have 2 trees outside of our house. 

Can you remember any rain in the past week? The weather said chance of showers.  We had rain 2 days finally because it was so hot and I was just dying. But I don’t know why but I use the blanket that you guys sent every night and sometimes I still get cold.   Mom started checking the weather down there everyday; there were 2 days last week that it said it felt like 119 degrees F. Yes when the Jehovah witnesses say that hell is the earth, that’s the only reason they have a point about this. 

Did you ever figure out what happened your package did finally arrive?  Yes I got the package and wow that toothbrush works really well.   Great make sure you use it, what condition were the peeps and Riesen’s in?   The Riesen”s are good, the peeps are ugly but they still taste the same.   They shrunk but they were almost the same form on one side of the package and on the other they were all in a ball but they separate, and are good. 

Did you go to a lake for p day?  Yes we went to the Yojoa Lake.  How long did it take you to get to the lake? It took an hour and a half. We chartered a van and we all went in on it, it cost 100 lempiras to get there and back, but a 3-hour ride. They don’t make any profit. We really didn’t do that much there, we took pictures. Elder W. that went with us is from either North or South Carolina.   

Then we came back and ate at Winger’s.  It’s not a real Winger’s but they are using the name.  I had 6 wings without bone and 6 with bones and French fries.  The wings were not hot.   It was in a mall in Villanueva. 

Was this the best meal of the week?  No because one other time a member made us pizza and it was good, we are going to order pizza this week. How did they cook it?  They cooked it in a toaster oven.

Was the person up high on the bridge jumping into the water?  No he was one of the members visiting with us. 

How is your companion feeling?  He still has pains.  He washes the hole and its not infected he still just has pains. Could he have an infection?  No he doesn’t have and infection. What is the diclofenac?  It is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory. Aren't you glad we made you get your wisdom teeth done at home?  Yes, I wouldn’t have let them take mine out. 

Thanks for talking with me I will be calling Sunday don’t forget, but I know you won’t. I am thankful for the toothbrush and tell Joan and Dean thanks.

Love you all and have a good week. And don’t forget to read something. For all of you there is a book that I want to read “The House of the Lord” by James Talmage it looks really good. The PDF is on dropbox if you want to read it, it is interesting. 

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