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Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 34 Santa Ana

What was the spiritual event of the week? The spiritual event of the week I think was when we had our interviews with President Dester. It is always really fun to talk to him because he is so uplifting with everything he does and says. I remember how I felt in his presence and it was special it because the spirit was there. 

We had to speak in church this Sunday and it wasn't that bad I only had 5 minutes and my companion 5 minutes because the bishop talked about activities for 30 minute during sacrament meeting.  I had to speak on missionary work of all things. 

What did you do for p day this week? We did absolutely nothing for p day we stayed in the house, I read the Liahona and washed my clothes and now we are writing. My companion can’t do that much because he is still in pain from the tooth. He didn’t leave some of the days and then we did divisions with some of the priests and well I went to work.  Did you do any spits with the other Elders? Yes we didn't do splits but we did a have a companionship of three persons 2 times. We had the Elder A. and A. over to do splits with them and give them an example of how we need to work. It is always fun. I bought an air mattress because there are only two beds in the house and well I’m not going to share mine.   Do you have bugs on the floor where they slept?   There really aren’t that many bugs our apartment is clean compared to others.   What was the picture from last week of that thing in the toilet?  We have some sort of moss that is growing in the toilet and it is really weird, every day it gets longer and longer.  Have you heard of a toilet brush?  We have a toilet brush but it won’t come out, it’s in the tube that connects the tank with the bowl.  Put some bleach in the tank and flush it thru it should kill the moss and might make it come out.  Its not hurting anything so I will leave it. 

How many investigators do you have?  We have tons of investigators but they are not progressing unless they are going to church so right now we only have 1 person who is progressing. She didn't come to church this week, but she came last week. But other than that we have many people to teach but they aren’t progressing. We also have been working with many inactive members and we had almost a whole family come last week. They had to walk from the Lempira in the morning so like 20 minute walking and I hope they will come again next week.   They live in an area that is far away; there are 150 stairs you have to climb to get to the colony. It is hard for the people who live there to come to church.   There is only one active family and the inactive family that came yesterday to church, that live in that area.

Do you have any baptisms lined up? We have a lady with a date to be baptized the 22 of May. But we will see because she is not married but is living with her future husband and with their newborn. She is 16 and her husband is an inactive member.

Did you receive your package last week? No I have not received my package yet. But I hope that it gets here this week. 

Do you have a funny experience from this week? Yes we went to the dentists, a lot of the missionary and well my companion went in because he had a cavity and well they filled the cavity and then after that they took out one of his wisdom teeth. So I got to sit there and take a video. He was there in the chair over an hour and they only took one out. Good entertainment.

They filled one thing on my tooth but said it wasn't a cavity so they just cleaned it a little and put a sealer on it. It still hurts a little but it is good for the rest of my mission. 

Have you had any good food this week?  This week we had pizza one time that a member made and it was really good. I had fun watching my companion eat it because he was in so much pain from his tooth.  Was it the wisdom tooth that was bothered him?  No his cavity had been bothering him for 4 days; he didn't even have pain from his wisdom tooth. He showed up to have a cavity fixed and they decided to take out his wisdom tooth.  What were the sores outside of his mouth from?  The sores are because they had to pry so hard to get the tooth out, it had a lot of bone around it; they spent over an hour pulling that sucker out and finished in many small pieces.

The people that bought the Lambs house, their daughter had her home coming on Sunday.   She served in Mexico.   She had that funny South American accent. 
I have the same problem I can’t talk English to save my life because I start mixing things.  It's called Spanglish   Yeah I know. The part that’s hard is I try to spell English words with the Spanish alphabet sometimes.  Do you dream in Spanish?  I really don’t know if I dream in Spanish or English because I can translate so fast it’s as if they’re one.  Does your companions speak Spanish pretty fast?  He talks really fast. President Dester said when my companion got here to the mission it was hard to understand him.  Do you understand him?  Yes I can understand him. 

It says it feels like 119 degrees in San Pedro Sula right now, it sound very hot. It is very hot but I still sleep with a blanket and I don’t know how, but I am cold in the night. 

What are you doing with your hammock on the bed?  Are you walls peach?  Yes our walls are peach and the hammock on the bed is to block the light and channels the air blowing from the fan. 

Well have another good week and be sure to send me some more pictures. How I love all of you and I hope that all will go good. It has been fun to talk with you. I hope that its not that hot there because here it’s so hot if you try and think your mind overheats.  Make sure that every one of you reads your scriptures every night this week, including dad. But this is all that I have to say for this week.  Next week I will try to have more pictures to send you. 

Love Elder Olsen

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