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Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 31 Santa Ana

How was your week with your new companion?  Very good I have loved it, we work really hard and study really hard and we have had some very fun doctrinal debates which are always fun. We have been doing very well as a companionship but he walks way fast, but that’s ok, I just have to sacrifice a little more so that I can keep up with him.  How tall is your companion?  He’s pretty short; he is like 5 foot 9.  Grandma says that's tall to her.  Yes I know that it is a little tall.

Do you have any baptisms planned?  Yes there is a baptism on the 25.

What did you do for p-day?  We played soccer and monopoly. Did you move back to the other apartment?  No we are still in the new apartment and it isn’t very good because there are more problems with this place than it’s worth.  What is the problem in the new house?  Sewer gasses and we have trouble with the doors. The locks don’t work. One broke and well sometimes its hard to enter the house. But other than that it’s great.  How long before they finish your apartment?  They said 4 days when they started to renovate and we have been in the other house like 2 weeks.  And you can still sleep in your hammock?  Yes, but I can’t use my hammock when we move back the old house.  All they need to do to finish up is paint it. 

How do they celebrate Easter there?  Most all of the people go the beach or swim in the river, because it is so hot. The Catholic’s are walking in the street with these big idols and statues that they are carrying. 

Have another good week; I will always have you guys in my prayers.

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