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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 33 Santa Ana

What was the spiritual experience of the week?  I think that the spiritual experience this week was when we were teaching Hna C. one of our investigators, she is 16 and she has a baby and her husband is an inactive member but I think that we can activate him. I know that it will be hard to marry them but it is possible, because the family has money and all the brothers and sisters of the inactive member are active and many return missionaries. We just taught one lesson that was so bad that I couldn’t even teach, we had some members and they came back and said we have problems and can’t teach. Our next lesson was powerful and I was ready to share and I had found the scripture that I was looking for the last time and I could share what the spirit was prompting me. 

Did you do anything fun for p day? Besides wash clothes and rest at home. We did do something fun this p day. We went and played soccer in a synthetic field. We went with one of the members and all the other elders’ form the zone came to. But it was so hot, I drank like 3 liters of water in under an hour and my clothes were so wet. 
Have you had any good food recently? Really I haven’t tried anything new, but this week we cooked with a family. My companion cooked chilakilas which are were very good.  The members give us dinner every night.

Are you tired of mangos yet? Really we haven’t had that many mangos because there not quite ripe, but I have eaten 3 or 4 this week. I am just waiting because soon they should be free, I don’t want to buy them.

It looked like it was 105 last week, does it feel that hot? It feels like I am in a furnace because you are always wet even in the nights. I have been really hot in the nights, but I still sleep well and it is hot enough, that the bed dries during the day from all the sweat. But for some reason in the mornings I am always cold and have to use the blanket that you guys sent.  Have you had any rain?  There has been no rain, there has been the opposite because all of the water evaporates and rises. Sometimes my feet feel like they’re on fire. Are the mosquitos worse now that you are sleeping in your bed?  No I don’t really have a problem with mosquitoes, I don’t even use mosquito repellent.  Are you getting use to the bed?  Yes but it is hotter.  How often will you wash you sheets with all the sweat?  Your sheets must smell funky by then.  No they don’t smell that bad they dry so quickly.

Have you been sick? Not really sometimes I have a lot of mucus but they say that this comes when you sleep with a fan. 

How are you doing looking for new people to teach? We are always looking for new people but with my new companion he doesn’t really like to contact. With Elder M. we would contact like 100 people a week and well with Elder M. we had less than 14.  Everything is good with my companion, he is fun, but sometimes a little straightforward and thinks about things excessively, but other than that everything is good.   He walks a little fast. I like the scripture in D&C that says that there is no need to move swiftly because if you do this you won’t see the opportunities on the wayside. 

Did you do any splits last week?  Yes we did splits 2 nights. We are doing them different but my companion and I went with two other companionships we all slept in the house of Chamelecon.  I just took a few things. They said that it was impossible, but I hung my hammock in-between the doors and out a window and all was good.

I will look at the brakes in a few weeks; Randy’s bug needs a master cylinder replaced so I will watch him for a few hours before I start ours.  Brian said, “Its really easy just disconnect the tubes and the wires and pull out the sensors and then take out the two bolts on the back side and your good to go. Put the new one in, put the parts on it and bleed the brakes, then drive.” Dad said, “Sounds easy I just need to quit being lazy and do it.”

We're did you find that Cacao fruit?  We got the Cacao contacting. Could you dry it and then grind it into chocolate powder?  You have to cook it and then do a lot of weird things to make chocolate with it. 

Yeah well I don’t have any more time but it has been fun to talk with you guys.

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