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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 22 Santa Ana

What was the spiritual experience of the week?  I think it was when we put a baptismal date with hno R. It was powerful and we feel like he will be a bishop or something some day because wow, wow. That’s all I can say. He understands very quickly and has a desire to learn and follow the Savior. Also it helps that he is now married to a member.

 What did you do for p-day?  We went to the downtown San Pedro with the 2 counselors of the bishop. One of them is about 22 he married a year ago. He is a return missionary, and his wife lives in North Logan. The other lives here.   It was really fun rolling down the road in the jeep that he had. We ate at Costas Burgers and the burger was amazing. Wow it had a really good flavor.  If you see one in Tegucigalpa I would suggest that you try the big double burger. I also bought me a blender.  The blender cost 750 lempiras. I was thinking about the magic bullet aluminum but it was 2500 and I said no.

How was the interview with the President? It was really good. And the president commented about one of my letters and it was interesting. We can’t pray and ask for an attribute but we can pray and ask for trials and challenges to develop and attribute.

Did you do any service this week?  No nothing very big we helped a lady carry corn down some steps and that was about it. We were returning from San Pedro. 

Do you ever see the bus terminal? Is it near your area?  Yes I was in the bus terminal on the 28, but it is outside my area. 

Did the baptism that was scheduled happen?  No we rescheduled for the 14 we have two solid investigators for this date. Hno R. and Hno S. Hno R married a member last week but we were teaching him before he got married and they were already making plans to be sealed in the temple. 

Your companion seems fun.  Yes my companion is really fun.  Do you think your comp will be transferred this next transfer?  I think my comp will be transferred in the next transfer.  Transfers are on the 18th of February. 

Tell us a funny experience from this week? My companion had Chickengunya and we went to a hospital in San Pedro near the oficinas to take his blood and see what he had. We rode with president after the interviews to the offices and then we went to the hospital. President likes to drive very fast, like insanely fast. There are 3 stages to this chickengunya:  1st the fever.  2nd the pain in the bones and muscles and 3rd is the allergic reaction with the skin.  My Companion had all the pain in the legs and feet he was walking like a penguin and really slow. We were told by the nurse that he should rest a day, so we sat in the house one day but we still went to 2 lessons that we had and they were really good with S. and R.  My companion is feeling better; right now he has a rash on his arms and even his fingers.  How long is it supposed to last, about a week or more but it didn’t hit him that bad.  How do they treat it?  You can take acetaminophen.  Make sure you wear mosquito repellent so you don’t get this.

Did you get any letters?  Yes I got the package that grandma sent me with a letter or two in it, l also received a dear elder from mom.

Has it started to warm up down there?  Yes some days it has been really hot, but is will get twice as hot and I will be dying of heat. 

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