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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 21 Santa Ana

I found a type of bag at campsaver that you put your clothes in add water and soap rub it around for three minutes and your clothes Are washed. Drain the water and add rinse water then they suggest you pre dry them with your microfiber tower before hanging them to dry. It costs 20 and you could just pack stuff in it when you move. Don’t worry about the bag I can get the clothes really clean with a pila. I am looking for someone to pay to wash my clothes.  What else would you like in a package? Did you like the jerky?   I haven’t eaten the jerky but I liked the one bag I got with the mp3. I think that the thing that I want is, well I can’t think of anything.

What was the spiritual experience of the week?  I think it was the baptism of Hna E. H.C. We got a call on Thursday night from some elders form another area, telling me that I was going to baptize an investigator that just moved from our area. She said she wanted me to baptize her so I said ok. We have a baptism for next week so it should be good. I had only taught her and been to her house like 5 times. I baptized her on Friday night; I had to do it twice because I said one of the words wrong. But she is now happily baptized, but she was really sick Sunday and couldn’t come to church so she will be confirmed next Sunday. Just to feel the joy of helping someone move forward in returning to the presence of God.  It sounds like you are finding more people to baptize in this area, that is great.  Whose baptism is scheduled for next week?  A youth of 17, his name is C. he is really cool and well he wants to be a part of the church but we have a lot to teach him to be ready this Saturday. 

Did your investigator teach you how to make a hammock? No we haven’t had an opportunity to learn.

What did you do for p-day? As a zone, we went and played soccer in Dos Caminos, then we went to Wendy’s and I ate another baconator.

Did you help that person paint? Yes this week we painted for 6 or7 hours just painting one room. The paint was oil based and it was thinner than water.

Have you seen Pres. Dester since you are much closer? I haven’t seen him yet but this week we all have interviews with him. 

I have been good as far as health goes and well it has been really cold here in the night so I use my blanket and a sheet. I slept in the hammock almost all this week but didn’t last night because I got a cramp in my leg.  Right now everyone has the chickengunya or whatever it is called.  There are so many people sick with this and its brutal I haven’t gotten it and I don’t want it, I will use a lot of mosquito repellent. 

Is the girl in the picture scare of the dog?  No that’s not a big dog, they treat the dogs real bad you can pretty walk up to a dog in this street and pull it by the tail and it wont bite. So the strays are not to mean?  No they are all scared of the people.  We have one investigator with a Great Dane, it is at least more than 200 lbs. and the pit bulls and all types of dogs the people have are really well kept but the strays are crazy and ugly.

What are you dress up for?  We did skit about David and Goliath for a talent show. 

Well we got a piece of this cake after the talent show. One of the members gave us food and it was her birthday. She said that every time it is her birthday, 4 elders eat and well just so happened that there were 4 of us there. 

Have you noticed different groups not getting along? Do you know where not to go tracking? We don’t go out of our area and it feels safe.  Is that's because you know you are protected? Yes.   How often do you hear gunshots?  Well sometimes it is hard to tell but I think 3 times a week. It’s hard because there are fireworks sometimes and they sound similar.  Are any sister missionaries in your area or is it too unsafe?  There are not any sister missionaries in my zone

I had mondongo this week and it was good.  What was in the mondongo?. Did you eat the stomach? it had Yuca, Banana Platano, carrot, and lots of other things. 

there is always mud here i think i have never had clean shoes

Those pictures where you are looking down into valley, are there people's house up there and are there lots of goats there? There were some goats up there. Yes there are people’s houses there. Every week we climb this hill because there is an investigator there. Its pretty but sometimes there is a lot of spiders, mosquitoes, and dog poop

Send me some honey. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it; I haven’t had food that it will go with. There is a picture of a little box that has a little hole and it is a bee hive that has honey in it, the cool thing is that the bees don’t sting. We need to get some of those bees, I wonder if they can't survive the cold weather here, find out what they are if you can.

Well my time is up so I have to go now. Thanks for all that you do and have another good week in the super cold. It should start to heat up here in a few weeks and then it will be really hot. Tell Madi good luck recovering from the concussion and that she should be safer playing basketball. Tell all the neighbors thanks for their emails and letters and that I look forward to receiving more. 

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