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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 24 Santa Ana

Did you have the two baptisms? Yes both of the baptisms happened, I baptized one of them and one of the members baptized the other.

Has you comps rash totally gone away?  Yes the rash on my companion went away after a couple days.

Have you heard on transfers this week? Pres. D. in his email said, you and Elder M.would be coming to dinner so I don’t know if he forgot about transfers or if you two are staying together.  I am almost positive that we will be here for the next change but there is always a chance that someone could go.  How long has he been there?  3 Months.

Did you do any splits with other elders?  No I didn’t do any splits with the other elders.

What was the best food for the week and what is the name of the restaurant that the member owns that feeds you twice a week?  I have no idea what the restaurant is called for sure, but I think that it is called myriams pollo.

What was your most spiritual experience of the week? The baptism of hno R. was very amazing. After, he shared his testimony with us it was very powerful. I can’t even describe the power of the spirit that was present.  After, we talked about how powerful his testimony was and how prepared he was to receive this message.

What scripture helped you out this last week? This week I studied in Revelations in the Bible, I can’t remember what chapter, but it is talking about New Jerusalem and how there will be twelve gates, three on each side, the name of the city, and it talks about what is necessary to enter. The names listed are the 12 tribes; very interesting and then to read the description of Heaven is amazing.

How is your health? I haven’t had any problems with my health. I think I might have had some sort of virus or something because I had a sore throat all week but it is better now.

I have something for you to take home. What dimensions is your suitcase?  It is just a board of wood that is carved. There is also a picture somewhere of a bed and it has a box on it, this is what I will send home. 

How was p day?  It was good we went to San Pedro Centro and bought a couple things and printed pictures.   In my spare time I made a spider web with silicone.

Thank you for all that you do and tell everyone thanks. Tell grandma to read a lot of the scriptures especially the chapter in Revelations.   I am thankful for all of your support and all the things that you have given me. 

 Well I don’t have any more time so have a good week and everything is good. 

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