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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 18 Transfers

How was New Years Eve in the city, did you go home early or go to a members house? We ended up spending a little time in a member’s house and we ate dinner and took some pictures with the fireworks. We ate really well this day. But the night was very loud I will upload a picture of the chaos. 

What was the activity for P day?  Did you eat anywhere? We made hamburgers and played soccer in the capilla de Entrada (Entrada church house)

What was your Spiritual experience of the week?  Well I will say that I was in divisions with one of the priests of the rama (branch) we contacted a Jehovah Witness. Wow how hard was this experience; we spent 1 hour in the street talking about all these things. 

 Will you here today about transfers? I have no idea they are supposed to call at 5 and tell us. They just came in I am not quite sure but I will email you in a minute or two.  I am being transferred to San Antonio DE cortes; apparently they usually never send gringos here.  Apparently it is really dangerous in the new area but I have no idea. So we will see.   Will your companion stay there?  Yes, my companion stays and for once he says he gets a Latino companion. I am just glad because I didn’t want to clean the house.

Do you know the name of your companion?  I think it is Elder M.  he is from Mexico.  My companion said that the members there are way nice and they feed us a lot. My comp is tall that’s all I know.  How are you traveling to SPS?  By bus I think.  Are any other elders going back towards SPS?  Yes, a lot are.  So you were only in the best area of the mission 12 weeks.  Yes. But this area will be better.  Why do you think this area will be better?  I don’t know, but now that I know what’s going on, I won't feel like a fool with everyone.

Did you have any chances to do any service this week?  Yes we split wood, I think it took us about 20 minutes to split two logs of 6 inch diameter. They have some really nice axes here I would suggest that you take an ax head home. 

Did you get your package, or did you call the mission home?  I got my package.  What meeting were you in when they delivered the box?  Reunion de districto.  When it arrived to the meeting we thought that the smaller box was mine and the huge box had the books pamphlets and all the other stuff in it, boy was I surprised.   I have used the blanket a lot but it is getting warmer now but it is better than my pillow. Was the mustard jar still one piece?  Yes it was.  Have you given out any of the gifts?  I gave out 2 of the dolls, and I know who I am going to give the rest of the things to.  Give something to the family where you Skyped from.  I am going to give them pins.  How did your companion like the tie?  We saw him wearing it in the picture with the parrot?  He really liked it. He was excited.  I gave one of the pins to the ward mission leader he was really happy and I gave a hat to family M.

Elder Coti's new Disney tie
What are you studying for personal study? I am studying other religions right now because I don’t know how to counter their things. 

Madi got her driver's license today because it is her birthday.  Do you have any advise for her?  No just say happy birthday. And don’t drink and drive. We paid a moto taxi to take us to hno W's house, the driver was drunk.  It was a little scary but with a little help we made it there ok with only a few scares. He would turn around and talk without paying attention. When we were close to hno wilmers house we saw a huge poisonous snake crossing the road.  A Moto taxi it is a 3-wheel thing that is open on the sides with a 180cc engine. Wow and you had to pay for the ride?  What kind of snake, I don’t remember, but the snake was black, white and red (coral snake).  How big was the snake?  It was 4 feet or more long and 2 inches in circumference.  So how many snakes have you seen and how many are poisonous?  I have only seen 4 snakes and 2 were poisonous. 

Did you get to cook in an outdoor oven?  No only look at one and well my comp took a loaf out of the oven. There is a picture of this,
Add caption

 Did you make the baleadas?  Yes they weren’t that good but they were ok. Did you buy that pan to cook the baleadas on? No I borrowed it from the people in the apartment next to us.

What was the picture of the red thing that looked like a fire hose, it had a unicorn on it I think.  Yes that is pure fireworks when you light it it goes for a half hour. How much would that cost?  It probably cost around 10 bucks, or maybe a little more than that.  Will the fireworks drop off now that the new year is starting?  No.
Was all that paper in the streets from the fireworks?  Yes, pure newspaper scraps.

All the paper from fireworks

 Well I don’t have any more time and I have to go, thanks for all that you have done for me, tell Madi happy birthday. Feed the missionary’s if you get the chance have fun and be safe.

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